Laptop for a student?

  Robert-272781 09:53 12 May 2005

Can anyone offer some advice on buying a laptop for my daughter who starts university in September.

She will need internet access - Broadband, LAN, and wireless; wants to edit photos using Adobe photoshop v.3; and wants to be able to back up her data onto CDs.

Also, is there any difference between a laptop and a notebook PC.

Finally, is any manufacturer's laptops more reliable than the others.

Budget up to ~£700.



  Diodorus Siculus 10:20 12 May 2005

[quote] is there any difference between a laptop and a notebook PC.[/quote] - nothing of any significance.

Take a look at the toshiba range in PCworld from time to time; some very good offers.

Also, do good deals on their own brand machines.

  vinnyT 15:05 12 May 2005

Make sure the laptop is properly insured, both against damage and theft.

One of those laptop cable locks may be a good buy as well, to secure the Lt to a desk (or better, a fixed structure) whilst her room is unattended. I'm assuming here that she will be living away from home.

Take a look here, targus security page

click here

  Nick-235598 16:30 12 May 2005

Yes, go to the university's website and see if they have a link to a toshiba laptop provider.
If not, we have one, its click here then look for the uni where she is going to, select that, then see what deals are available. Hope thats helpfull.


  TomJerry 23:57 12 May 2005

(1) all lappys around £700 will do fine job for her requirement

(2) wait a few months to buy as the price is coming down all the time and the dollar is not going to get stronger soon (the main reason for cheap IT stuff is because weak dollar).

(3) lappy can be treated as a fashion accessory, so ask your daughter what she wants

(4) it may be a good idea to get a Intel Mobile Pentium (P-M) (or Centrnio) based ones becuase it generates less heat, require less cooling and hence light and battery run longer, those are important if she is going to carry around campus

(5) Toshiba has "Notebook for students" scheme as pointed out by "whizman", it will make a small saving, but not much. you can get similar price from technoword click here

(6) take your daughter to PCWorld to see which one she fancy, PC World has some great offers now.

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