Laptop stolen from pc world

  SmokingAir 23:52 24 Apr 2012

hi there i need alittle help with pc world.

they lost my hp i7 laptop under warranty,(Was stolen)

let me start from the beginning.....

laptop started acting weird at the end of feb 2012, i tryed fixing it myself, thinking it was drivers or malware or virus maybe of something like that to no avail what ever i did i still have red lines all over my screen.

so i rang hp and told them everything they took control of the laptop remotely, did lots of tests and said it need to be sent in for repair, the motherboard had a errors.

is still under warranty and he said take it back to pc world as they buy all the hp warrantys off them.

next day took it to pc world and booked it into repair, on the 07/03/2012 they said it will take no more that 28 days, so i waited.......

the time had come and gone, day 29 9am i gave them a ring asking where is my laptop, they said its been repaired, and he will try sending it back to me at my address for tomorrow.

so i had famly member stay in ALL day waiting for the laptop to come. but nothing so i rang them again, and they started giving me the run around, after sometime 48 mins later, a manger said we need 72 hours to investigate and will ring you back i said ok.

72 hours later nothing! had to ring them again!

the guy i spoke to talked alot of bull saying nothing had been done, so i asked for a manger! the manger said the computer had been lost (stolen), i laugh and said what you going to do about it, he said we need to refund you or a laptop like for like, you will get a letter in the post with a refund code sometime this week.

5 days later guess what nothing!!!

had to ring them again and ask where is my refund letter with my code.

they said if you dont have the letter yet i can give you the code now, so he gives me the code over the phone, i said thankyou and put the the phone down and went to pc world the next day, now it strats getting silly, i was in store and gave them the code and guess what the code had been useded before! and the instore manger can do nothing for me, so i had to ring knowhow the sameday when i got back, again they give me the running around asking for more time 72 hours again! they said they will ring me back.

72 hour long gone again nothing, so i rang them asked for a manger right away, he got the right code and said i got £450 for a 800 + laptop i said what??? i said how can i get a like for like with that! he said don't worry you have receipt and the store manger instore can increase the money amount to £800 plus.

so i went to pc world and talked to the manger and he said there is nothing he can do its £450 max!

back home rang again and told them everything and guess what they are investigating and need 72 hours! more!

its now 24 april 2012 and i have had it! its all most been 2 months!

what else can i do!?

  v1asco 09:09 25 Apr 2012

Besides all the legal bits, like contacting your credit card company etc, is it possible to get the Manager to phone knowhow in your prescence, or you phone them in the Managers presence?

I do sympathise with you, I have had a lot of bad experiences, big and small with DSG, and try to avoid buying from them.

Good Luck, it will be interesting to see what the outcome is.

  spuds 12:27 25 Apr 2012

I would suggest that you check out the BBC Watchdog archives, because there were a number of people having similar repair and lost problems with PC World. The program details will provide a direct contact email address to a director of PCW/DSG. Then go from there.

The person who would most likely deal with this is Ms Bickerstaffe, I think!.

Whatever the case, you want a replacement, that is the very same specifications, or equivalent to the previous machine. If they cannot provide this, then it should be a slightly higher specification, not lesser specification, unless there is a financial adjustment to mutual satisfaction.

  proudfoot 16:17 25 Apr 2012

I suggest you phone Consumer Direct. They will give you answers as to what actions you need to do regarding the relevant legislation and will dictate a letter you can send to their registered office detailing yoyr complaint. My opinion is the laptop was "Not fit for purpose" and should be replaced with a laptop of the same model, same spec or better.

  spuds 16:59 25 Apr 2012


Consumer Direct no longer exists, it now comes under the banner of CAB, due to government cut-backs and savings. CAB:

  spuds 17:02 25 Apr 2012

Whoops, made a mistake. The link should have been

  Lortaybill_ 17:50 25 Apr 2012

OMG what a terrible experience with PC World. That is enough evidence to warn me or anyone else from purchasing from them. I am a member of the consummer magazine Which and they certainly do not recommend their Tech repair service. I think for you, I would certainly seek out legal help because I'm sure from what you say you must be in a position to claim a total refund or replacement. I'd take the money if I had a choice and would buy from elsewhere. Good luck in your endeavour to settle your claim.

  finerty 17:55 25 Apr 2012

Well smoking air i think you should of checked here b4 u even thought of buying from currys/pc world

There have been many many many problems from latops going missing to data being wiped or added to computers.

if you search the forums you may find additional info like the ceo f pc world and heir contact details.but could be looking 3 years ago post or may be longer.

  finerty 17:57 25 Apr 2012

There was instance the FE got involved some issues but the saga has to go on for a while b4 if he decides to get involved, you could try sending a message to FE by the private way

  john bunyan 19:18 25 Apr 2012

I think romanby1 is correct. You are due a replacement or a full refund as "the goods" are not of "satisfactory quality". Under the supply of goods act, Currys are liable. I would talk to your local Trading Standards to confirm this view,write to the store manager formally of your views and say that in the event of non compliance you will have to consider the Small Claims Court. If they have lost it that is their problem, not yours.

  SmokingAir 20:46 25 Apr 2012

Trading Standards have been have been informed i find out tomorrow 26 april 2012, if i get my money back when i go to the store, spoke to knowhow on the phone today and they can't understand why the manger is not giving me a like for like or a refund, knowhow have admitted liable its just this manger at the Croydon store thats in the way!

its a pain and i hope to god its all sorted out tomorrow, (on my day off work) anyways got to see Marvel's The Avengers as well with some mates so im might put me in a better mood :), i will let you guys and girls know tomorrow night.


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