Laptop specification to play minecraft online

  jules59 23:57 14 Dec 2015

Hello, I am looking to buy my 10 year old son a laptop for Xmas. He will use it to play Minecraft online. I am getting conflicting advice from sales assistants as to what specification is needed for this particular game. Some are saying you need a dedicated graphics card and others state you do not need this for Minecraft especially if you go for an i5 processor. I really do not want to break the bank for this laptop but on the other hand i do not want to disappoint him if the graphics are poor.

  JosephLolmaster 20:57 15 Dec 2015

Ok so you would probably want a low end graphics card, maybe a Nvidia 820m, just to future proof it a little, and a medium spec cpu. so maybe an i5 4300u.

Also to point out minecraft is a very basic game, and has very low minimum specs, I can run it on my 14 year old budget desktop, albeit on minimum settings.

You should probably spend no more than £500, but no less than £299. a good example would be the laptop here: click here it is a bit too overpowered, it should last for a good 5-6 years, if he moves on form minecraft, and starts playing more advanced games.


  tullie 22:07 15 Dec 2015

Joseph Operating system?

  JosephLolmaster 15:56 16 Dec 2015

Windows 8.1 or 10 as 7 takes ages to turn on

  JosephLolmaster 15:58 16 Dec 2015

You would need 8gb of ram though

  jules59 20:19 16 Dec 2015

Hi Joseph, Thanks for your reply. I was thinking of buying the ASUS X555LA which I saw in PC World. It has an i5 processor but an integrated graphics card. Do you think this would be ok? If I look for a dedicated graphics card the price shoots up to over £500 and I don't want to pay that much for a 10 year old's laptop. Thank you for any advice given.

  JosephLolmaster 17:23 17 Dec 2015

Personally, no, but I would need some more info as there ae thousands of different specs, minor, but they make a difference, also how much was it?

  JosephLolmaster 17:33 17 Dec 2015

look at this click here

  jules59 12:18 18 Dec 2015

The Asus I am thinking of buying is £379. Windows 10 (pre-installed) •Intel® Core™ i5-5200U Processor - Dual-core - 2.2 GHz / 2.7 GHz with Turbo Boost - 3 MB cache •Memory: 8 GB •Storage: 1 TB Full HD. Resolution 1920 x 1080 Doesn't mention the graphics so I am presuming just shared with no memory.

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