Laptop - Sony, Dell, Evesham

  cactusjack 10:28 29 Sep 2004

I've decided on going for either Dell, Sony or Evesham when buying my new laptop. I bought an Evesham PC in January, and its worked great so far, and their customer service has been very good.

The Sony VAIO laptops look great. All the lecturers at uni use the dell or sony laptops. Whilst the specs look good, I've heard bad reports with dell's customer service.

I'm really tempted by the Sony laptops - but does anyone know what Sony's customer service is like?

Also, is having a Pentium 4 processor in your laptop likely to generate a lot more heat than a Centrino processor?

Any feedback would be appreciated, Thank you.

  TAL4 11:57 29 Sep 2004

I have a Sony Vaio laptop with a pentium 4, and not only is it very quiet but it doesn't get too hot, unlike my previous Toshiba which could melt the table and eventually melted itself.

  Magik ®© 14:40 29 Sep 2004

try a QuaddraTi last week, 3 year warranty, not a bad price either,1gb ram, 60gbHDD, and a DVD writer, and a 17inch screen..

  endgame 01:28 30 Sep 2004

Re EVESHAM kit and customer service. Bought a laptop - Voyager XT PM 17 - end of July. CD/DVD combo failed after 11 days. The so-called onsite repair service under the warranty is worthless: if it is a laptop they insist on return to base. It took 12 days to get it to them, 2 days of which was my fault for not giving serial number (WO01098018 if you are interested Evesham) and they dont keep records of what kit is sold to what customer! Also they did not know my address even though they had delivered it! Several days they simply dragged their feet and had to be nagged several times. Finally Amtrak failed to pick up so I drove it to the showroom. 7 days to repair, not too bad. On return immediately noticed keyboard had been reassembled with retaining lugs above facia, not below, causing whole keyboad to bow upwards markedly. This was immediately obvious and my jaw dropped at this; it had clearly not been quality checked on despatch. Did not dare to even shut laptop as keyboard would touch screen. Broke these two lugs off to allow keyboard to recess into base. Then CD/DVD failed again after 7 days. Another 12 working days estimate to repair. I am currently living with a busted CD/DVD combo, a racing cooling fan, and a very uncertain power connection that cannot be touched else ac power disappears. After veiled threats, incuding intention to use small claims court, Evesham say they can reduce repair time to 4 days if I bring kit in and pick up. An insisted upon evaluation of fault for purposes of refund or replacement will apparently take an nknown time with no commitment, and I am sure they will refuse to budge. I have no confidence in their workshop and dare not really let them touch it. I have contacted trading standards concerning fit for purpose issues and am awaiting reply.

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