Laptop sold without backup CD. Any advice/help about this, please?

  GloriaM 05:05 09 Jun 2014

A Toshiba laptop with pre-installed Windows 8 was purchased by elderly relative of mine from (presumably) reputable retailer. I was surprised when she told me that there is no backup CD with Widows 8 system in the box. No response from retailer about this missing CD.

So far the laptop works but if something goes wrong and reinstall is necessary we have no backup Widows 8 on CD!

Seems to me that the owner has to spend extra money for a CD with Widows 8 which is a big expense for a pensioner…

My questions:

1. Is there any way to have(make) backup Windows 8 on a CD or USB stick in case re-install is needed?

2. Is it normal /fair/legal to sell computers without system backup disk? (I think it is not, but then, I am not a specialist in this field)

I’m not an advanced computer user and any detailed tip/advise will be much appreciated.

Thank you all in advance!


  mole1944 06:11 09 Jun 2014

Dash beaten again lol.

  BT 07:42 09 Jun 2014

Computers these days are hardly ever supplied with a backup CD. They normally have a recovery partition on the Hard drive, and there is usually an option to create your own Backup CD.

  spuds 11:44 09 Jun 2014

Its all very well talking about making your own recovery or operating system cd's, but there are still many people out there who doesn't have a clue about this, and expect some form of help or advice at the point of purchase.

I have just taken possession of a new Lenovo G700 laptop, and with that came very little. With the help of the forum and rdave13, I managed to obtain and print the instructions in book style, which in my opinion should have been supplied by the manufacturer in the first place. My next task is to "have bags of patience and 2 to 3 hours" (Lenovo terms) to produce a disk. All of these items were supplied previously?.

Surely the savings gained from not supplying these items defeats the whole object of getting everyone interested in owning a computer?.

  mole1944 13:49 09 Jun 2014

Gloriam if you can't make a backup phone Toshiba and they supply them for £30 or so.

  xania 10:53 12 Jun 2014

Look at it from their perspective - they cut the costs as much as possible so charge extra if you want extra. However, if you read the manual, which is typically included in the box, it tells you all about how to restore your computer and also how to take an off-line backup.

The biggest problem for the manufacturers is that they have to assume a certain level of understanding. However, I would have expected better from the supplier. If you have any doubts, questions, problems - this should be your first port of call.

  xania 10:55 12 Jun 2014

Sorry - first sentence should read:

Look at it from the manufacturer's perspective....

  GloriaM 03:10 15 Jun 2014


I'll try my hand in backup disk creation now!

If something goes wrong will be back with my questions...


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