laptop security

  Jule 18:09 26 Sep 2004

My son has just started at university and has taken his laptop (It's a Dell). We have been advised to buy a "cradle with a lock" that can be secured to the pipes in his room. I have never heard of or seen one of these. Any ideas where I could get one and for how much?

  wee eddie 19:29 26 Sep 2004

Maybe you misheard.

The Laptop will have a small hole in its side. The Kensington Lock, which looks like something you used to attach to your bicycle, slots into this and then goes around some fixed object.

I have no experience of them but they appear to be the industry Standard with the special holes present on most Laptops.

Of course, he still has to remember to attach it!

  powerless 20:18 26 Sep 2004
  Belatucadrus 00:05 27 Sep 2004

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