Laptop for school, need help please

  dkk 18:11 16 Aug 2013

I need help buying my daughter a laptop for school. I have been researching and I am about to go crazy. I did get a 14in Lenovo p400 at Best Buy. It has 8gb memory, 1tb ATA hard drive 5400 rpm, touch-screen with a 1600*900 display. I think I got a pretty deal but I am not sure. I did not realize the battery was internal only. Is that a big negative? It also weighs a little bit more than I would like at 5.3. Also, is ATA hard drive something I should avoid? Please help!!!! I paid $799 but I am willing to pay up to $1000 although I really don't want to. Apple is not an option as her school does not recommend it. I definitely want a touch screen 13-14 inches but I am not sure if I should sacrifice memory or something to have an external battery. I have been looking at Lenovo, Asus and Samsung.

  rdave13 01:47 17 Aug 2013

I wouldn't go for a laptop with a non removable battery such as the Lenovo you posted. HP, Toshiba possibly?

  dkk 06:54 17 Aug 2013

Ugggh. I was told repeatedly to stick with Lenovo, Asus or Samsung. I don't like the idea of the non-removable battery either. I went back to Best Buy this evening and was pretty much advised that the internal battery is the wave of the future. I don't like it and I am so hesitant.
I looked at another laptop. Although I was trying to stay away from 15in. ones, this one did not look so bad for the price and it has the new processor: Asus - 15.6" Touch-Screen Laptop - 6GB Memory - 750GB Hard Drive - Black, Intel® 4th Generation Core™ i5, 1.6GHz (with Turbo Boost up to 2.6GHz), polymer battery, I would be giving up 3rd generation i7 for fourth i5 and also giving up memory and hard drive. Is that worth it for the newer processor? This computer at 15 weighs about 2 oz less than the previous one I mentioned at 14 inches and costs $50 less. I could also get all the memory and hard drive the same for $999. Any advice?

  dkk 06:54 17 Aug 2013

By the way, THANK YOU so much for your response!!!

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