strokebow 11:00 27 Dec 2008

I have searched high and low and I am unable to find a laptop which meets my minimum requirements...

Processor: Intel P8000/T8000 or better
Screen Size: 13.3 inches widescreen or bigger
Resolution: High, at lest 1440 x 900
Battery Life: 4.5 hours or more
Weight: Less than 3kg

If anyone can find such a laptop on the market then you are a genius

Thanks for your help

  Taff™ 11:50 27 Dec 2008

Not sure about the battery life but pretty close to your spec otherwise click here= Will it fit your budget?

  Joe R 12:22 27 Dec 2008
  curofone 12:47 27 Dec 2008

You going to have to comprimise somewhere with that spec, you have got to remember better the processor the more power it is going to require the less battery time you are going to get out of it.

You also want a light laptop which normally means a smaller screen (although that is kind of changing now) but with the smaller screens (i mean less than 15.4") you tend not to get such great processors. and also the smaller screens do not tend to have great resolutions as they are not required.

4.5hr battery life is pushing it for most laptops to be honest, yeah you might get that if it is just sitting on your desk doing nothing but if you are actually using it that will go down quite dramatically.

You need to decide what you actually want the machine for and which of the above specs are most important to you and where you will comprimise as i will be surprised if you get anything meeting hat spec, especially the battery life

  Marko797 12:55 27 Dec 2008

if u will be able to find any laptop which can provide 4.5 hours life & don't see why this is so important anyway, so u might compromise here.

Where are u planning on using it, and why will you be so far away from a mains supply?

Like curofone says, if the laptop is 'working', then battery life will reduce dramatically.

  oxparks 14:17 29 Dec 2008

i am struggling to find a medium size and weight machine with reasonable spec. I work as a journalist and need a machine i can easily transport through airports despite ryanair et al weight restrictions on handluggage or to use in wifi places.

john lewis have 3 models with 12 to 13.5" screens which fit the bill and fall in the right weight category(ie just under 2kg) (I am not into the small 10 or 9" screens as they are too tiring to work with). They are Toshiba Satellite U400-15B, HP Pavilion TX2530EA, and Samsung Q210.

the stumbling block is price. all the john lewis models are around the 500 pound mark and no sign of any reduction in post christmas sales! this is outside my budget.

Ebuyer and Tesco have some good deals at the mo like the HP Compaq 6735 or the Acer 5535, both at 399 pounds but weighing in at a hefty 2.5 kgs or more with their 15.4" screens.

Please could you advise?


  curofone 16:58 29 Dec 2008

What you need to do is start you own thread up (if you dont know how to do that just ask.

In the thread detail exactly what you need from the laptop ie word processing, playing games, min/max screen size, weight desired, battery life and price and then I am sure you will get some responces, already have one in mind for you.

But what you have done here is asked a new question in someone elses thread and that is not strictly allowed under the forum rules plus if you start your own thread you will get email notifications telling you when someone has replied and it just makes it alot easier for all if one thread is for one persons question otherwise it gets confusing. Hope that helps


  wjrt 17:37 29 Dec 2008

dell xps m1530 with the optional 9 cell battery and a spare battery if this does not last 4.5 hours.

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