Laptop RAM - Help from Advent!

  wee eddie 12:43 31 Mar 2004

On my Advent 7007 laptop’s first birthday I decided that a little extra RAM would do it no harm. It has an unblemished record and performs very well, but after all, an extra 512Mg would only set me back about £100 or so, depending on where it was bought, and give it that extra bit of zip.

So, out with the manual to find out where it was positioned in the machine. No luck there.

So into to PC World, next time I’m out that way, and I venture into Advent’s home territory. After all, they sell ‘em so they must have the info somewhere! No luck there either, their Service lad even tried Google to see if he could find the details.

Back home again and onto the Advent web site where the “Contact Us” is only available to Guarantee Holders. But I did managed to contact their Service Agents “PC ServiceCall Technical Support” and sent them an e-mail requesting the details.

This comment was at the heart of their reply!

“Even as an agent of Advent computers nobody can expect us to have all the information which the factory has, this time including the location of the memory slots.”

In other words! "We don’t know".

That a professional organisation can operate without access to manuals beggars belief.

On the other hand, I was dealing with PC World so perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised.

Anyone know where I need to look, before I take the whole thing apart? I know there’s a spare slot in there. Advent, Belarc and Crucial tell me so.

Look under the hard drive enclosure or the battery - the memory slot will be accessable from the back of the laptop somewhere and is usually accessed by a couple of small screws.

  wee eddie 14:31 31 Mar 2004

under the keyboard.

That would put the kibosh on the whole project, I don't fancy the extra risks involved.

  rickimalone 14:37 31 Mar 2004

Try this :click here

If this does'nt work down load this tool "PC Wizard, it will tell you what RAM you have speed,make and how many slots are taken free:click here

Hope this Helps

I have a Toshiba Satelitte Pro and yes - the memory is under the keyboard (sorry, I forgot about that hiding place). I stuck in an extra 256Mb from Crucial and the job was very easy to do and was over in about five minutes. Dont let it put you off - a bit of thought and care and it is as easy as a desktop!

  wee eddie 16:04 31 Mar 2004

I shall have another look through the electronic manual. Plenty about the ports and connections, I may have missed a diagram of the internal layout.

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