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  ivesy 20:22 08 Nov 2008

My in laws are on about buying a laptop. They will be using it mainly for the internet some office work and some burning cd/dvd's. Nothing too exciting!

Their budget is between £250-£350. At this price point many of the processors are Celeron. I've always avoided PC's with this processor personally.

The 2 I have seen are click here

and the click here

Which are both well within budget. Basically is the Pentium Dual core T2390 a better option than the Celeron Dual core T1400? Is ther such a noticeable difference in performance?

Or does anyone have any other options? Thank you

  citadel 21:28 08 Nov 2008 has all the info on cpu and reviews

  chub_tor 22:12 08 Nov 2008

click here and click here

The T2390 is dual core 1.86GHz with 1Mb L2 cache and dissipates 35 Watts

The T1400 is single core 1.83GHz with 2Mb L2 cache dissipating 31 Watts

In practice not a lot to choose between them, but my guess is that the T2390 is the newer device.

  curofone 23:29 08 Nov 2008

if you are prepared to go to the top end of your budget i had a very quick look and found this click here#

Personally if i was you i would stay away from Advent, EiStstems, Emachines, Fujutsu and Packard Bell.

Good thing about the one i found is that it is toshiba and they are generally one of the more reliable manufacturers and if you ever choose to get an extended warrenty you could go straight to toshiba instead of the techguys which you would have to if you brought an advent or where they are sole resellers of a brand such as packard bell (but at least they are not owned my pcw so you can get some additional support)

  ivesy 08:35 09 Nov 2008

that's great. I'll pass that on. Thank you

  Forum Editor 09:12 09 Nov 2008

who runs a very busy Chiropractic clinic. He has a network of seven E-machines, and so far, since I set the network up 18 months ago the computers haven't put a foot wrong.

My wife uses an Advent laptop daily, and has done so for a year - it hasn't faltered, and I'm extremely impressed with the display quality.

My eldest daughter uses a Fujitsu Siemens laptop at work, and she loves it.

It's a question of personal experience, and these companies sell thousands and thousands of machines, most of which work perfectly for years. I use Toshiba and IBM ThinkPad laptops because I have a personal liking for them. My last two Toshiba machines have come from PCWorld, and the Advent machine in your link should prove an excellent choice for the purpose you described.

  ivesy 11:42 09 Nov 2008

I've had a Fujitsu and an Advent (both desktops) and I didn't have any trouble with them myself. I'd heard of load of copmplaints about Dell before I got my current PC and (touch wood) haven't had any problems.

I had Sky broadband and that was a nightmare so much so I had to cancel, but I know people who haven't had any problems with it. I guess everyone has different experiences with different manufacturers.

Having said that curofone's post has got me thinking though! Thanks again for the input. It's really appreciated.

  curofone 12:36 09 Nov 2008

Desktops are generally far more reliable than laptops so personally i would not compare an advent desktops reliablility to advent laptops as the desktop will 9 times out 10 last longer.

Also like i said before just because the 3 manufactures i mentioned before tend to be the least reliable does not mean they will be unreliable, A house mate of mine at university had his advent for 5 years and with no problems although he did pay over £1000 for it.

You do tend to get what you pay for in anything you buy and advents etc are cheap for a reason. If i was on that budget myself I would personally stick to an entry level machine of one of the bigger brands

  HXP 16:58 09 Nov 2008

I must stress the is Gloucester are but Comet worth a visit - they had some manager special laptops / end of range that from a quick look seemed excellent value and would do everything you state.

I always think PC world is worh a vist too in some ways yo get an idea of what is about at particular price points.

I have til now brought all my desktop machines on line but for some reason laptops ( because harder to upgrade ) witha fixed screen I like to ' see '.

Usual things Vgurad and firewall essential but AVG & Zone alarm good enough ( IMHO ).

Recently Brought a eeepc 701 great for surfing but screen small only mention it to bring Linux PC's in to the equation - do they need windows ? Save you £50 and at this price point that is a fair bit of the budget.


  HXP 17:03 09 Nov 2008

click here$4294948382/Nr.99.aspx

  curofone 17:26 09 Nov 2008

Again i would tend to stay away from managers specials, Some times you are lucky and they are simply machines that have been returned without a box or something equally as simple but i also know of times when a store has booked a customers machine in for a repair and it has gone over the maximum period allowed for a repair ie 4 weeks during the first year warranty, the customer has then got a new machine becuase of this and the store has been sent back a machine they need to get rid of so they put on display as a managers special.

Also you were saying you like to see your laptop before you buy, i believe that if you were to purchase a laptop online you would be covered by distance selling regulations and would be able to return with in a short time period (i believe 7 days) if you were not happy with it. I am sure the forum editor can correct me if i am wrong on this one as i have to say i am not completly sure.

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