Laptop and printer ideas for my 80 year old mum

  spot the braincell 10:49 04 Dec 2008

My mum has been struggling with an old standalone wordprocessor for many years but it has given up the ghost.

She's decided to get a laptop, basically to do the work of her old wordprocessor so will also need a printer.

I'm not sure of budget but guess it won't be massive, but there again it doesn't need to be an all singing dancing machine, though unbeknown to her I'd like to get her doing silver surfing.

Any thoughts welcome, thanks.

  iscanut 11:02 04 Dec 2008

Depending on your budget, you may want to think about getting a laptop with full size keyboard rather than small keys and also a good size screen in view of her age. Don't wish to appear rude, but I know what it's like when you get older !!! Perhaps anyone recommending a laptop could bear this in mind.

  spot the braincell 12:48 04 Dec 2008

good thinking Nuts, her eyesight is not what it wa

  Zaphod 3 15:09 04 Dec 2008

Two Toshiba laptops with 17" screens for £399 on this page. We have a Toshiba and it has been excellent.

click here

  spot the braincell 16:52 04 Dec 2008

Cheers Zaphod 3, but I suspect that may be over her budget. If it helps then maybe a refurb from a reliable source may be ok.

  jaraba 19:00 04 Dec 2008

Have a look here click here.

  jaraba 19:01 04 Dec 2008

The other thing is to maybe get her a mouse as they touch pad may be too sensitive.

  flycatcher1 19:09 04 Dec 2008

My 79 year old wife copes very well with a Toshiba with a 17" screen for eyesight and a mouse for convenience.
It is an excellent machine and she allows me to use it - occasionally!

  spot the braincell 20:32 04 Dec 2008

Thanks jaraba and flycatcher1, I'll check out your recommendations

  ripvan 19:21 07 Dec 2008

Try here,they still do XP laptops which would be fine for what you want
click here

  Border View 13:00 08 Dec 2008

You may wish to have a look at Morgan computer web site. They have a selection of 17" Toshibas
click here

and here for printers
click here

Good luck

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