Laptop power supply

  cactusjack 18:17 02 Oct 2004


I've finally decided that I'll buy a Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop. However, on their website, Dell offers two options for the power supply: "AC Adapter D-Series 65W Power Cord" and "AC Adapter D-Series 90W Power Cord". There is no difference between the two in price.

90W is higher than 60W - so it initially seems to make sense to go for the 90W. Buy why isn't the 90W priced higher? Does anyone have any advice on whether to go for the 90W or 60W? - the only reason why the 90W may not seem attractive is because it is heavier.


  cactusjack 18:19 02 Oct 2004

Sorry, it should be 65W not 60W.

  JonnyTub 20:01 02 Oct 2004

provide us with a link please

  cactusjack 20:06 02 Oct 2004
  JonnyTub 20:14 02 Oct 2004

well, can't explain why it's not dearer but i personally would get the 90w for obvious reasons. Better power supply, faster charging, higher wattage for when the machine needs to go full pelt (plugged in of course, otherwise the battery saving feature will throttle back)

  Djohn 01:05 06 Oct 2004

65 watt model is for 1150 Celeron. 90 watt model is for Pentium 4 model.


Availability by model Inspiron 1000 Inspiron 1150 (Celeron models), Inspiron 510m, Inspiron 8600c Inspiron 1150 (Pentium 4 models

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