Laptop PCI graphics cards?

  rickimalone 15:41 03 Jun 2004


I've just read an artical in Custom PC magazine regarding N'vida releasing PCI graphics cards for laptops!!!

I for one am very exicted about this as I would love to whack one in my laptop for a bit of gaming in my break!!!

Just wanted to know if anyone else has heard of this or has any links to any sites about it??

  Charence 15:55 03 Jun 2004

How big are these laptops going to be? The card must take up quite a large amount of space. click here for some info about this. NVidia are developing these chips. It seems to be using a newly developed PCI bus, Intel's PCI Express bus.


  rickimalone 16:01 03 Jun 2004

Yes the picture in the advertisment look as if it would fit inside a standard laptop PC slot currently availible, the chip it's self has no heat sink just chips so fingers crossed a version will be able to installed into current and already owned laptops.

I agree though the PCI express with faster transfer rates is the future of the concept and lets hope it come's together!!! as well as us with them already a chance to have a decent standard of upgarde availible, I know it wont be supper powerful for current PCI in laptops but anything is a bonus!!

  AndySD 17:40 03 Jun 2004

click here the click on Do-It-Yourself Upgradeable Mobile Graphics Technology

  Charence 17:41 03 Jun 2004

Yeah I agree, most laptops are currently using onboard graphics which are normally very poor. So this PCI card will fit into the laptop I currently own? I don't think my laptop has any spare (if any) PCI slots. How would I install them?


  computernerdiamnot 18:33 03 Jun 2004

There has been a lot of talk about this in the last month or so and Ati have been on top of it
click here

  rickimalone 22:33 03 Jun 2004

Yes my laptop has a spare PCI slot on the bottom, so if they produce them for current PCI slots i'll be fist in line, from what i've read it looks as if its going to be PCI express but at least we know we in for a good next generation of laptop computing. :)

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