laptop or desktop? That is the question

  Arkanon 10:52 21 Sep 2008

Hi Folks,

Looking for some advice if possible please. I am currently a little torn between buying a laptop or a desktop. I know desktop or more reliable, last longer and you can get more for ur money... however that said I love being able to move around the house to log onto games, internet etc. I currently use a wireless laptop butthis has pretty much fallen to bits and wont do anything anymore.

Is it possible in some way to have a desktop base unit but use a wireless keyboard/ mouse etc and use different screens in diffeent rooms? ie somehow link it to a screen in bedroom, living room and or dining room. I mainly use it in living room and bedroom. in truth i'd happily sit atit wherever it is but the better hlaf would prefer me nearby to cuddle up to lol.

I'd really appreciate any advice on this. Budget not terrible at around £1500.00 laptop wise i am considering the ROCK pegasus 520 with bluray.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:06 21 Sep 2008

Laptops are reliable these days but I would go for a 17" screen one rather than 15.4" and this is the one that I would be looking at but I am not really into here or with a 18.4" screen click here


  Arkanon 12:04 21 Sep 2008


Actually the x300 was my original choice although it has a lower graphics card then the Pagasus 520 it is a lovely machine. no blue-ray isnt realy a problem but it would be nice if u could add options to either of the x300 or g50.

still unsure lol

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