Laptop or Desktop PCs

  loopyloo 16:24 17 Apr 2005

I currently have a desktop pc and I need to replace it soon and was wondering if I should go for a laptop instead. I only use it for home purposes. If I went for a laptop can I use the internet broadband I have in any room of the house without having to have put in more cables for the internet?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:47 17 Apr 2005

A lot depends on what you mean by [quote]home purposes[/quote]:-}

If you mean internet, office, music, 9in fact anything except intensive gaming and video processing) a laptop will be ideal. A laptop for gaming and video processing is also possible, but not cheap.

You can use your broadband connection around the house by getting a wireless router with built-in modem. I don't know the details of what will be needed, but someone else will.

A good option is a decent laptop and, say, a 19inch TFT and external keyboard. Together with an external hard disk for back up purposes, you will have all that you need.

  smy13 16:49 17 Apr 2005

Yes you could as long as you had the right kit this week's Computer Active magazine should be right up your street for this. As its review ADSL routers for ease of set up

  Kate B 21:39 17 Apr 2005

Desktops are much better value for money, though - the miniaturisation of the components whacks the price up for an averagely specced machine.

  fitcher 22:57 17 Apr 2005

if you have the room have a pc ,I like my laptop ..ok but what would I do if I needed to print, or scan ,,and with all the rubbish I have collected around my pc desk like paper .and loads of old discs ,etc .it would be to much trouble to set up printer .and scanner to the laptop ,

  Diodorus Siculus 09:21 18 Apr 2005

[quote]to much trouble to set up printer .and scanner to the laptop[/quote]

A couple of USB ports do the job just fine for me! :-)

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