Laptop or Desktop?

  Cara2 23:42 23 Jun 2010

We are about to update a desktop PC. It is used purely for Sage Accounting at this stage.

I am open to the suggestion that a laptop might be adequate, but husband is determined it needs to be a desktop.

It would need a decent size screen. Would appreciate opinions on the matter please.


  mole44 05:39 24 Jun 2010

i`d go for a destop,although it takes more space if something goes wrong with say for example your display, at least it`s an easy and relative cheap replacement

  ^wave^ 08:40 24 Jun 2010

look at the charts here and there is not a laptop to touch the scores that the desktops achieve. you can get a desktop under £500 that out scores a the dearest laptops.
speed isnt everything but like the above comment desktops are cheaper to repair have more ports to add devices cheaper to upgrade you canchoose your own yoe of screen. the list goes on, but in the end its down to your choice.

  jack 08:44 24 Jun 2010

Space and where used.
Laptops v desktops are equal in terms of power and capability these days- so that is not a consideration.
Sp why not if funds allow get one of each?
A laptop for dedicated use[sage] and keep the desktop for surfing and all the other stuff.
One of my flock had her desktop 'die' and brought it me to sort.
Herc daughter was desperate because all her home work was on it.
I was struggling with this beast ,so in desperation she purchased a cheap laptop, so that daughter could get on[exam time].
Then I fixed the desktop
Both are happy now 'mum' has the desktop [she works from home on occasion]- and daughter has the lappie- for homework- and mum has ensured the lasppie stays offline

  wiz-king 08:54 24 Jun 2010

Desktop - nicer to use keyboard for one thing.

  onthelimit 09:04 24 Jun 2010

Unless space and portability are issues, I'd go for a desktop every time. Apart from a much easier/nicer to use keyboard, they are simpler and cheaper to fix when something goes wrong, and simpler and cheaper to upgrade if reqd.

  LinH 11:16 24 Jun 2010

I took a chance and changed from a desktop to a laptop - actually a `desktop replacement` - about 18 months ago and to date have had no regrets. There are no more bundles of unsightly cables and I can take it anywhere (mainly in the house as it's very heavy!) if necessary.

The comments of the others are, however, valid so think carefully before you take the plunge, although unless you are a games enthusiast speed is really not an important issue as most mid to high end laptops will cope adequately without any loss of performance.

The main things to bear in mind are the initial cost, repairing, upgrading and expanding. A decently specified laptop will be considerably more expensive than a desktop and whereas you may quite happily repair a desktop, doing the same to a laptop may not be so easy, and dealer repairs to a laptop can\will be expensive. The upgrade potential to a laptop is virtually zero when compared to a desktop, and although external expansion is possible it will be more expensive than expanding a desktop.

If you do go down the laptop route choose one with a large screen i.e. 18inch plus as there is no substitute for screen real estate.

Finally, expect to pay in the region of £750-£850.

Good hunting!


  Cara2 19:50 26 Jun 2010

Thanks, all advice has been helpful. I think it will have to be a desktop.


  geek12 07:14 01 Jul 2010

Laptop is better because it's mobile, and Desktop is better, because you can work for a long time. But you can buy a special keyboard for laptop and work anytime and anywhere.

  wee eddie 13:51 01 Jul 2010

However a laptop does not need permanent Home space, but you do still need permanent space for the usual printers, wireless networking kit and general clutter, that they all generate.

I would go for a Desktop, you get much more in terms of what it can do, faster, greater processing capacity, bigger screen, for less

  HondaMan 14:24 01 Jul 2010

I had a desktop which broke so I replaced it with a "desktop replacement" laptop. Worst move ever. No storage, unless I used external disks which meant loads of wires again, not so good keyboard and although the screen was full HD, not so easy to read. So I went back to a new desktop (4.5TB) and wife now uses lappie for on-line shopping!

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