laptop with minimum 2tb disk

  trogne 20:26 03 Dec 2015

I'm looking for a new laptop with minimum 2tb disk.

Here in Canada, I only find the HP Envy.

Do you think there will be more 2tb> laptop in the future ?

  Bris 20:58 03 Dec 2015

4TB 2.5" drives are already out there so its just a matter of time before manufacturers shoe horn one into a laptop.

click here

  trogne 21:20 03 Dec 2015

Thank you Bris !! I love your reply. I dream of a 4TB laptop !! Cause I'm very tired to always carry on an external drive.

  john bunyan 18:32 04 Dec 2015

This link is to a major UK retail site, but gives a list of makes that may interest you


  robin_x 20:06 05 Dec 2015

If you fill up a 2TB drive on a laptop, is it all backed up elsewhere?

  wee eddie 20:24 05 Dec 2015

Do you not have your own Computer Companies?

  Matt. 18:09 06 Dec 2015

2Tb 9mm form factor HDDs are available now (I have two of them plus a 1Tb SSD in my laptop) so buy any laptop you like and fit one!

  Matt. 18:12 06 Dec 2015

Just to add that at the moment 2TB 3 platter HDDs are only 5400rpm which is why I have the ssd as boot drive!

  john bunyan 18:30 06 Dec 2015

Reigned seems to have disappeared sinc 3rd A feedback would be nice.

  john bunyan 18:31 06 Dec 2015

Meant trogne

  robin_x 18:43 06 Dec 2015

Ultrabooks may be 7mm or even 5mm thickness??

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