Laptop Insurance - Theft Only

  bfoc 16:59 29 Feb 2004

Just wondering whether anyone has any suggestions for where I can get reasonably priced laptop insurance against theft.

My Inspiron has 4 years Dell on-site warranty and 4 years Completecare accidental damage cover, so all I need is theft only.

I'll try my household insurer, but wondered if anybody had any bright ideas.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:47 29 Feb 2004

Most household insurances insure against loss of any single item, outside, up to £1500 as part of the contents insurance package...well mine does.


  Stuartli 17:49 29 Feb 2004

I would have thought that your best bet was your home contents/buildings insurance provider.

You may have to pay a little extra to cover your laptop in view of its possible value, but it would still be more reasonable cost wise.

Incidentally, when researching such insurance recently (been with the Pru for more than 30 years but now it's farmed this area out to Churchill) I found that DirectLine, which I just switched to for my car insurance, was the cheapest by a long way.

You also get a discount for already being a policy holder.

  bfoc 20:54 29 Feb 2004

For those.

As I said I will try my household insurer, but just wondered if there were other options that people knew of.

  spuds 00:25 01 Mar 2004

I do not know if they still do it, but I think Norwich Union use to have a policy that covered computers under general conditions plus repair and breakdown. But if you want just 'theft only' then this should be available per your household contents insurance, if you have any.

  Stuartli 08:42 01 Mar 2004

Further to above, the Prudential has included (without additional premiums) home computer equipment cover in its house insurance for some years now.

I'm sure that other companies do as well but it will, obviously, be coverage for when you are away from home that you require.

Incidentally, when my two offspring were at university, we discovered by chance that the Pru would insure their personal possessions at their lodgings for the period they were away for a small additional premium.

A lot cheaper than students taking out cover themselves...:-)

  anchor 11:17 01 Mar 2004

A few years ago, I had my notebook stolen whilst away from home. Fortunately, my Norwich Union home contents insurance covered this, and I was able to claim "new for old".

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