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  Carol Sco 09:07 12 Sep 2008

Looking for some help if possible - I have an HP510 laptop which has been away and "repaired" under my house insurance after it was sent crashing to the floor. The power lead that connects to the pc was damaged and the machine would not start up after I put the batt back in place. Insurance was happy to tell me all it needed was a new PSU and returned it to me with that installed and the lead repaired. The machine now does not recognise the mains adapter when it's plugged in. I get flashing power light and also charging light and the power metre reads that it's still on batt power (prompted to charge or shut down in order to save work)I have to pull the plug in and out a few times and if that does not work I then have to shut down re-seat the batt and leave the machine off to charge for a while before I can re-boot.
HP web site has no details on error codes or what the flashing lights mean and IVal has told me they now can't find anything wrong with it and will not accept it back again. How should I proceed with this? I am not happy with the repair that has been done and feel that although the machine works it's not working properly but not sure who to contact or where to ask for further help........

  jack 10:52 12 Sep 2008

The repairer or the Insurance co.?
If the latter write to them in the first instance and inform that their repairer[presumably that this is the case] have failed etc., and ask for next instruction.
Meanwhile research a reliable repairer- but do not submit the machine to them until advised by what the next move is from their point of view.

  Carol Sco 11:06 12 Sep 2008

IVal are the people who deal with the claims/repairs on behalf of some large insurance companies. They decide who carries out repairs or what value the goods are worth if they have to be replaced. I think I will take your advice and source a local repair place that can take a look at it and see if the find anything. Thank you!

  peter99co 11:38 12 Sep 2008

Have informed the insurance?

  spuds 17:23 12 Sep 2008

The insurance company have no doubt paid out for a 'fit for the purpose' repair, in other words the laptop should be fully functional and without problems.

I would contact the repairers and the insurance company and inform them of the problem. Why should you pay extra, for something that you are not satisfied with. Next years insurance premium might increase through this claim, so get value for money now.

  Carol Sco 17:40 12 Sep 2008

Have contacted my insurer and they have told me if I take it to an independant repair place and they find anything wrong with it then I have to get the work done and they will cover the cost.
Two things wrong with that I have paid out the excess on my policy already to have the work done and now will have to find more money for the rapair and claim it back and second I have to find a place locally that is willing to have a look at the machine and do the leg work myself. I guess in the long run i still get the laptop back to working order but it seems a little much to ask the customer to do the job they basically should have done in the first place.

  spuds 18:25 12 Sep 2008

Be very careful on how you agree to the insurance companies request. I had a very similar problem, and I would advice or ask the following.

(1) Get things in writing and do not really on any verbal discussions.

(2) Has the insurance company put a limit, as to what they are prepared to pay. An estimated price might not cover the cost of final repair!.

(3)They may require that 'your' repairer is registered for VAT and holds trade recognition (They will claim the VAT back).

(4)If things go wrong with 'your' repairer's work, then you will have no come-back on the insurer.

(5) As you rightly state, you will or may need to pay the repairer (you have made the arrangement), and then submit the 'approved' claim later. Settlement of claim could take up to one month more or less, depending on insurance company methods!.

(6) Remember that the onus falls on you, because you are making the arrangements.I would suggest that you get the selected repairer, to perhaps contact the insurance company and negotiate on your behalf.

  Carol Sco 18:59 12 Sep 2008

Thanks for all the advice. I actually live close to the HP office in Erskine so might give them a call and ask if they are willing to take the laptop and give me a free estimate for repair before going any further.

  Pamy 18:59 12 Sep 2008

I would contact "Consumer Direct" for advice

  peter99co 19:26 12 Sep 2008

It is possible to obtain a Proforma Invoice from the potential repairer which should allow you to get the money from the insurer before the repair is carried out. I did this with a car and the insurer paid up in advance of the job being completed.

Ask the repairer if they will provide this and the Insurance if they will accept the Invoice.

Not sure if the word is spelt correctly (proforma)
but it conveys the cost they will charge to do the job in total.

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