Laptop Insurance Recommendations?

  Buffster 09:46 02 Jul 2003

Can't find any company I've ever heard of that offers laptop insurance, bit worried about using online companies I know nothing about.

A company called CPU has competitive quotes, anyone have any experience with them?

  Sir Radfordin 10:11 02 Jul 2003

Any reason why you can't obtain insurance for it under your household/conetents insurance?

Failing that find an insurance broker and ask them to assist.

  TechMad 10:30 02 Jul 2003

Have you heard of Novatech? They do insurance with any Notebook/laptop. They offer something like £49 for a whole year. This is insurance for Accident and theft for a notebook/laptop under £1000. However it is £70 for computer over £1000. How does this compare with what you have?

  TechMad 10:31 02 Jul 2003

By the way despite mentioning Novatech so many times, I am in no way connected. However commision would be nice :).

  -pops- 11:17 02 Jul 2003

ALL of my electronic equipment (computers, Hi Fi, TVs, DVD player, camera etc.) is insured under my home contents insurance policy. There is no need to take out special policies. you can make any provisions you want to relating to cover that you want to. If your insurance company won't cooperate, change to one that will.


  davidg_richmond 11:38 02 Jul 2003

Pops, does your insurance company cover your high-value gear outside the house? The reason I ask is that standard household insurance will not cover a laptop away from home, and there are often exclusion clauses stating this in policies. My home insurance company, Lloyds, do not even have a premium that will cover a laptop away from home. Some insurance companies will charge you about £40-70 per year extra to cover a laptop.

  Buffster 11:45 02 Jul 2003

Currently living with my parents, just wrote off a laptop that has been replaced under the household cover, don't want to have to use it again as it is my parents insurance, not mine. Have been told (albeit by a PC World salesperson - pinch and salt come to mind)that they wouldn't pay up if it happened again. PSU quote is for £35, but I'll have a look at Novatech as well - thanks for the tip.

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