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  welshgirl 20:35 28 Feb 2012


is all laptop insurance a waste of time??... took gadget cover with my house ins in Oct when my son bought a laptop - Acer 5750g with 540m graphic card so he could play games. We had it on a deal as it was box opened, paid £470 (supposed to be about £560) plus £25 1 yr warranty. He dropped it and damaged the corner when on charge if the wire was moved it would just shut down. Anyway 3 1/2 weeks after having it they offered me a replacement... a TOSHIBA Satellite L750D-14R 15.6" Laptop – Red or £350 of Argos vouchers!! What a load of rubbish, i feel quite insulted!

told them to send our laptop back and I'l get it repaired

taking it up with Ombudsman.. yet another complaint against the wonderful Supercover (just read over 200 on net and over 500 on FSA & ombudsman how many do they need to do something?)

sorry if ranting but really cheesed off at mo :(


  birdface 21:20 28 Feb 2012

I should have thought that you should have been given the same computer or at least the same value as the one that needs fixed.

Now if they were going to give you the £350 worth of vouchers and let you keep the laptop it may have been worth your while if you think it could be fixed.

Is your insurance new for old if so you should have got the proper value.

The FE is a bit of an expert when it comes to this sort of thing so you may get some good advice from him.

  john bunyan 22:18 28 Feb 2012

Does your insurance cover definitely cover accidental damage?

  welshgirl 22:34 28 Feb 2012

yes definitely got accidental damage and policy says if not repairable then it would be replaced with one of the same specs or higher or to the same value (apparantly the reason it wasnt repairable was the parts were taking too long) when i rang after the 1st week there was no notes on the system then left it nearly 2 weeks later and parts had been ordered so I cant understand why they werent ordered quicker. The problem is that Acer do not make the same model and they said the one they offered was the closest specs that they could find

  spuds 23:33 28 Feb 2012

"as it was box opened", can sometimes cause hidden problems. I purchased a Median monitor from Staples, and on registering the 3 year warranty with Medion, it was accepted. Three days later, Medion contacted me and stated that the warranty was void, because the item had been taken out of the original box and placed on display. This then made the item 'second user' or second-hand'. Staples eventually covered the 3 year warranty.

The other problem, is the fact that computers are changing all the time, and better or similar specification machines are being sold cheaper, which might mean that you may think the replacement cheaper item is not the same. Perhaps best to get print-outs for the original and the offered replacement, and see how they compare. If there is a notable 'lower' difference, then take it up with the insurer's?.

  welshgirl 15:03 01 Mar 2012

thanks for your replies, laptop worked fine until he dropped it, then we had a problem with the charging cable, if it was touched it would just shut down.

The specs of the Toshiba Satellite L750D-14R

Processor AMD- Core accelerated Processor E-450 Clock speed 1.65 GH 1MB Cache Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD 6320

Not sure what else to put it did have 6 gb ram compared to our one that had 3 gb

The one we had was an Acer 5750g

Processor Intel Core i5 – 2410m (2.3 GHz/2.9GHz) Graphics Card nvidia Gforce 540m (1GB dedicated)

I’m going on my son saying that it was not worth it – would be grateful of any other opinions

Anyway the latest is that I had it back today and they have more or less fixed the dent in the corner, even sorted the charger port so it holds the cable – BUT the keyboard does not work! And the on off button is very hard to press

I have been phoning and emailing for over an hour and had nothing back yet

Taken the afternoon off to try and sort this and because I’m so fuming I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on anything in work anyway

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