Laptop high res screen help

  overslept 21:30 18 Feb 2005

Hello I'm looking to purchase a laptop in the near future - specifically an AJP D870P which has a 17" widescreen TFT running at a native resolution of 1440 x 900.

I do a lot of graphics work so it'll be great for that but what will such a screen resolution be like for every other task, particularly web browsing. I currently have a 17" CRT screen running 1024 x 768 and things can even look a little small on that. If I put the res up to 1280 x 1024 everything on a web page is tiny. OK so I could increase the text size (which then affects page layouts) but the graphics are still pretty small, surely it'll be ridiculous at 1440 x 900?

I've read that by changing the resolution to a non-native setting causes everything to look jagged or blurred?

Because I'll be buying online I can't check out the screen (but reviews have all been glowing)and trying to look at one in the local electronics shops has proved fruitless as they're not connected up to the internet so I can't do a comparison with sites I normally use.

I would really appreciate any forum members experiences and tips before I spend a small fortune on something I won't enjoy using.


  PA28 22:56 18 Feb 2005

You really need this one to be posted in the helproom forum but ..... yes a TFT needs to be operated in its' native resolution. Unlike a CRT, the picture is made up of fixed pixels which match that resolution. Go away from that resolution and the image degrades seriously. I would earnestly suggest that you get hold of the laptop that you are interested in buying and make sure you are happy with it before parting with your cash.

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