Laptop finally on its last legs. I need a new one. Hope you can help!

  bristolgirl 20:39 20 Jul 2011

My laptop; Acer Aspire 3004wlmi is really on its last legs now and before it really gives up the ghost, I am looking into purchasing a new one. A budget one I'm afraid. I think the max I would spend would be £350. So I hope that you kind folk on here can advise me yet again!

I use my laptop for emailing and web searches. I use picasa for my photos and googlemail. However, I use Itunes for my phone and sometimes I access my website through MS Officelive but I usually leave this last task for my desktop.

What I don't like about my existing laptop, is the very short battery life, the way it overheats almost immediately and how much it slows down, if I have several tabs open in firefox.

I have seen this one on the Zavvi website Asus UL550AT, which with my limited knowledge of laptop specs, seems quite a good buy for my needs at £299.99. It has Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300, 4GB, 320GB, Win 7 Pro.

I would very much appreciate your opinions and am very much open to other suggestions but I really don't think that I would purchase another Acer. Maybe I should be considering refurbished laptops, as my budget is not huge!

Many thanks!

  woodchip 20:48 20 Jul 2011

Overheating one of two things or could be both, It may have a Desktop CPU if it was a cheap Laptop I would say its a Celeron Desktop CPU and the Heat Exchanger Pipe as got fluff round it that builds up Like felt and no air can get to it to cool it down. Only way is to strip it down to clear it, CPU you cannot do anything about that but you can buy bigger batteries and the old one may be on its last legs. If Laptop Slows down it may be the Hard Drive needs a Bigger one fitting after cloning the old one to it

  bristolgirl 21:27 20 Jul 2011

Many thanks for your reply Woodchip!

I have actually looked into purchasing a new fan and more memory for my laptop but feel that this cost would nearly be the same as buying new and as XP will not be supported for much longer, it is perhaps time to consider Windows 7 too. Maybe I am wrong?

  carver 22:25 20 Jul 2011

You have at least 3 years before XP stops being supported by Microsoft and it may be worth the money to do as woodchip sugests and upgrade your laptop, refurbished laptops have already failed once so you could be buying problems.

If you have a John Lewis shop near you have a look at one like this £319 with a 2 year warranty or this £349

  bristolgirl 07:04 21 Jul 2011

Thank you Carver too as well as Woodchip for your advice! It is always appreciated. I really have looked into getting my laptop repaired and updated and feel as though that it just has too many things wrong, for it to be value for money. There are other issues with it that I haven't mentioned. Sorry I only mentioned the main ones. I know that it is wrong that we live in a throw away society. Thank you for your links Carver. Are these 2 laptops better than the one that I have listed? Please excuse my ignorance but I am trying to learn! I did read that a Celeron processor wasn't great. I will definetly take your advice about a refurbished one and think again.

Many thanks for your help again!

  likkerr 16:22 22 Jul 2011

Maybe you could try the Argos outlet on Ebay:

I bought 2 laptops at Christmas which were described as refurbished. When they arrived they were indistinguishable from new. You also get a 12 month warranty.

  bristolgirl 07:58 23 Jul 2011

Thank you likker! I will have a look. Good to know that you had successful purchases.

  carver 15:24 23 Jul 2011

bristolgirl Heres another one from JL A little bit more than you said you wanted to pay but they do come with a 2 year warranty, any of those laptops will do far more than the old one.

Most laptops seem to develop faults in their second year of use and at least with JL the after sales is first class.

But it's up to you and if you feel safe at buying from the web just one thing to avoid, ANY refurbished laptops that contain a Nvidia G84 and G86 GPU in the 8400M and 8600M series of cards, do not buy these even if they seem like a bargain.

  bristolgirl 08:00 24 Jul 2011

That's great advice Carver! Many, many thanks. I wouldn't have known that info about the refurbished laptops. I did have a look at the one you suggested on John Lewis. I'm a bit reluctant to go for another Acer because of issues with my current one. I also, find it very difficult to see my screen at times. I don't know if this reflection problem is true of all Acers? I didn't know that John Lewis offer such a good warranty. So I think that I revisit the site. Thank you for your suggestions!

  Forum Editor 10:02 24 Jul 2011

Most laptops seem to develop faults in their second year of use

I don't know where that information comes from, but it's certainly not true.

  carver 11:39 24 Jul 2011

Forum Editor I got that information from about 6 different sites, failure rate in first year comes in at about 7% and climbs to about 20% in second year, this is just one of the sites

The more expensive the laptop then the failure rate goes down

Ive also spent the last 2 months claiming from PC World for a replacement or refund for a faulty laptop that failed after just 2 years and succeeded in getting a refund that was because I took the time to trawl through page after page on the Web to find the failure rate for that laptop, and in doing that I came upon sites that gave the information that I stated.

So were do you get your information from that it is incorrect, are you saying that I've got it wrong in which case point in in the right direction.

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