Laptop - Extra £7 for new processor but lower ram

  ShadowK 00:52 14 Dec 2008

Hi all,

I was wondering if I could get some advice on the laptops found at the links below.

The first one was what I initially found though as I went to purchase it I realised I could get one of the new Turion Ultra's for an extra £7 odd (though one less GB of Ram).

Do you think its worth it performance wise and would it be a good idea anyway as it's more future proof (higher RAM capacity).

I really can't make my mind up; have spent an hour or so googling both though can't find any real information.

Could I have some advice please?

(sorry for re-directing but way too much info to post on here)


click here


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  curofone 01:04 14 Dec 2008

Personally i would go for the second machine it might have a 1gb less ram but in truth vitsa 32but can not really address much more so even if you had 4gb installed the chances are you could only use anywhere from 3gb - 3.5gb

I would also go for the second one as looks a bit more futures becuase the wlan is not just a/b/g but also has draft n plus the motherboard can take upto 8gb of ram so if you ever did install a 64bit os then you really bump up the ram to get the full experience.

Finally the page title say cashback util 31st of decemeber so you might want to look into that and see if you can get any money back off hp, i have used one of hp cash back offers and got £100 back about 2 weeks after i purchased one of there machines

  curofone 01:06 14 Dec 2008

sorry for the typo but that first line is meant to say vista 32 bit*

and i was also going to point out if the ram was that important to you then do not forget that ram cost next to nothing and you can get an extra 2gb for between £10-£20 depending on it's speed.

  ShadowK 01:12 14 Dec 2008

That's exactly what I wanted to hear :) Thanks for your input. Does anyone else have any fews? Will mark as resolved tomorrow though would be interested to see what other people think.

Thanks Curofone

  curofone 01:28 14 Dec 2008

Hello again,

just some digging around for to see what the cash back offer was and it is basically free 3 year HP Pick-Up and Return Hardware Support.

Well i say free but the warranty cost £38+vat from hp and they will only send you £38 back but that is still a 3 year warranty for £5. click here for the warranty page

Or you can buy the warrany from ebuyer for £58 and again they will send you £38 back so that is still a bargin, 3 year extended warranty for £20. click here

To take a look at the offer more closely
click here I had a quick look on the online claim form and it looks like you have to buy both the laptop and the warranty from the same retailer so the cheapest way of doing it would be through ebuyer as the latop costs more on the hp website but then again it might be worth giving hp a call and asking if you can get the laptop from ebuyer and the warranty from them and still claim the money back. This is actually assuming the fact that you want an extended warranty.

  rdave13 01:31 14 Dec 2008

Depending what you want to do with your laptop. Cheaper version ram is better but only 3GB can be used. GPU the same, screen the same. OS 64 bit on expensive, 32 on cheaper which is more popular with programers including games.
Expensive one has more refined system and a better CPU.
Can't play any modern games on either, so I'd go for the less expensive.
Not a gamer but will often download demos just to see how well a PC will cope.
Google the difference between Vista business and home premium. Just my thoughts.

  ShadowK 01:31 14 Dec 2008

Thanks for looking into it so much! :) I did a little digging myself and realised it'd cost me £20 for the extended warranty (after getting the cashback). I'm just trying to decide whether to bother or not.

Sometimes when something breaks outside of warranty its the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a new laptop :) Am going to have to have a nice long think about it....

  curofone 01:49 14 Dec 2008

They both have 32 bit operating systems on them just different version of vista cheaper one has home premium and the other one has business but they are both 32 bit

As for gaming neither of these machine are designed for proper gaming in mind and nor are any machines at the is price point so a bit of an irrelevant comment if you ask me but each to there own i guess.

for an extra £7 you might as well get the one that has quite a bit better processor, Draft N and upto 8gb of RAM to upgrade the cheaper one to all of this would cost a lot more than £7 and to add an extra 1gb of 800mhz RAM is £10 and the fact is until you get a 64bit os is pretty much pointless doing that.

As for the OS business would be my prefered choice as it is basically ultimate minus the Media centre which i persoanlly never use but the intresting thing in the title says this is business with xp pro media and therefore i am assuming that you actaully get all the media centre so your actually getting a far better os for an extra £7

  rdave13 02:14 14 Dec 2008

"They both have 32 bit operating systems on them just different version of vista cheaper one has home premium and the other one has business but they are both 32 bit"

Second link;
click here

  rdave13 02:20 14 Dec 2008

Doesn't show what version of Vista business is but processor 64 bit.

  martd77 10:37 14 Dec 2008

have you looked at this?intel processor instead of AMD?
click here

good value

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