laptop external drives and memory storage

  ballyboy 20:37 07 Dec 2015

hi we have brought 2 new laptops for our daughters hp pavilion 13-150sa which have the ssd drives,but the girls would like a external dick drive for there films and other programs that they have on disk also we are looking to get a external hard drive for the extra storage.having had a look around there are far to many for me to make a good choice,having spoke to a local retailer they just want to push the most expensive item they have.any help would be grateful

  wee eddie 00:41 08 Dec 2015

More expensive that an External Hard Dive each but useable/shareable by the whole family.

How about a NAS Drive.

That's what I've set up, in preparation to converting from a PC to a machine with a small SSD

  robin_x 19:57 08 Dec 2015

My personal preference is for USB external drives.

How about a couple of the £40-50 ones?

click here

  wee eddie 21:45 08 Dec 2015

The only problem with External Hard Drives is that if someone just pulls the plug while Windows is doing its bit, indexing or whatever, you have a dead drive

  amstrad 10:35 10 Dec 2015

Hi, I bought a "clickfree" external hard drive for my laptop 4 years ago had no problems so far. One point to remember before plugging it in to your lap top, it automatically backs up the whole computer unless you specify what you want it to save. Check out the online hand book which is comprehensive and helpful even for a novice like me.

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