Laptop and DVD regions.

  v1asco 14:21 18 Nov 2005

I intend to use my Sony Laptop world wide.

I asked Sony why they would not release the DVD so that I could watch DVD's from other regions, below is their reply

"This is an internationally approved standard (so Sony and any other hardware manufacturer) that is implemented in 90% of the DVD drives.

We are not able to help you with detouring a security that Sony strongly supports"

Whilst I accept that zoning is standard on household machines, surely we should be able to use all the functions of a notebook world wide.

Also, how accurate is the 90% figure. A quick look on a few websites has not provided any info about DVD regions on laptops.

I have had the machine for 14 months now and I am not looking for compensation, just curious.



  Carbonara 14:52 18 Nov 2005

AnyDVD, while not free, will effectively make any PC or Laptop Region Free. Once downloaded and installed it runs in the background.

  v1asco 17:36 18 Nov 2005

trying to avoid that as may invalidate warranty claims.

Still curious as to wether there should be a statement on the packaging that the machine cannot be fully utilsed worldwide and if any major manufacturers make region free.

  Carbonara 17:47 18 Nov 2005

It is a piece of software, not hardware!

  v1asco 18:02 18 Nov 2005

I am aware of that, even looked up the site. Nice reccommendation but I am not going that route yet.

  De Marcus™ 18:08 18 Nov 2005

You don't have a choice I'm afraid bugle, anydvd is the only route open to you, albeit there are free alternatives.

Nothing is altered in your laptop by using region free software, they simply install their own driver which makes the dvd drive recognise disks from any region, uninstall it and your back to where you began, region coded.

  v1asco 20:46 18 Nov 2005

At the moment my present trading pattern (I am in the Merchant Navy) does not take me outside Europe, although this may change. I do not need any software (yet) but when I do I shall take your advice, but this was not the intention of this post, I am sorry if I did not make myself clear.

The points I am trying to make and would like comments on are:

1. Is a laptop classed as suitable for worldwide use(afterall, it has a worldwide warranty) if you cannot play a DVD from the country you are in at that moment?

2. Is Sony correct in saying 90% of manufacturers lock the regions on their DVD Laptops?

Ta Taffy

  Hunte® 21:03 18 Nov 2005

I would have said it was much nearer 100% of laptops come with rpc2 region locked drives (though you can normally change the region upto 5 times).

Also be aware that the operating system (well windows) also has region coding. Both drive and region have to match and just like a drive, the os region coding can only be changed a few times.

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