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  User-005D9C23-9973-47EF-82374D99699A014E 02:44 01 May 2003

hi guys
I'm planning to buy a new laptop as mine is 4 years old and a bit tired.can any one tll me about a good deal....I'm looking for pentium 4 with processor speed more than 2GH...thanx

  Ben Chuud 18:52 01 May 2003
  Taran 19:29 01 May 2003

With the arrival of the latest Centrino notebooks you may be better off waiting a month or so for more comparative reviews from most of the major notebook manufacturers.

The indications on the few systems I've seen and on the reviews that have so far been published are very encouraging. Performance and battery life are incredible.

Just a thought.

  rickf 20:26 01 May 2003

Staples has a very good one at the mo. P4,40gig, with 64mb Nvidia mx graphics, 256ddr etc for £1119.Its a Cybercom, a badged Medion. Oh, it has 15.1" TFT as well.

  fitshase 22:29 01 May 2003

Try these:-

click here=(198047)&userid=&shop=PCWBD&path=PCWBD|computers%20&%20notebooks|Mobile%20Computing|Notebooks|SAMSUNG%20Notebook%20Range|SAMNB136&code=SAMNB136&PageCat=ProductB

click here=(198048)&userid=&shop=PCWBD&path=PCWBD|computers%20&%20notebooks|Mobile%20Computing|Notebooks|SAMSUNG%20Notebook%20Range|SAMNB137&code=SAMNB137&PageCat=ProductB

click here=(164626)&userid=&shop=PCWBD&path=PCWBD|computers%20&%20notebooks|Mobile%20Computing|Notebooks|TOSHIBA%20Notebook%20Range|TOSAT089&code=TOSAT089&PageCat=ProductB

Or search the site using the product customiser:-

click here=(4590)&shop=PCWBD&userid=&path=PCWBD|computers & notebooks|Mobile Computing|Notebooks&code=&PageCat=ProductB#

By the way, the site is PC World Business and all prices are ex-VAT.

hope this helps



  fitshase 22:32 01 May 2003

Seems it doesn't like those links.

Go onto the site click here and then type in the following in the search box:-






  hellred 21:41 18 May 2003

Think about an I-BOOK, cool and the bloody battery lasts long enough to do something meaningful.

  Forum Editor 22:14 18 May 2003

Taran's advice - wait a little while if you can.

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