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  gobi 11:29 20 Aug 2004

I am looking for a place to buy laptop optical drive to replace my laptop combo drive. Can anybody suggest one?
It is not made in UK, so I can't contact the retailer back.

This type of thing?

click here

Only model I'm aware of that's easily available right now. Assuming an external model would be appropriate in the instance you are attempting to replace an internal drive that is no longer available?

The freecom traveller model is self-powered via the PC-Card bus (type 2) port so will use laptop battery and won't require additional a/c power supply when on the road. Also, Scan sometimes feature this drive on their 'Today Only' discount page so might be worth checking from time to time.

  gobi 12:54 20 Aug 2004

Thanks spook-tooth. However, I am actually looking for an internal drive.

I think people will need to know what type of laptop you have, make and model name, before they can know which type of internal combination dvd/cdrw drive will be compatible - then it will be down to tracking down a supplier.

As laptops often feature the same chassis between manufacturers, you could go down this avenue and see what you can find by searching for compatibles, bearing in mind connections/power input is same etc?

Maybe one of the big laptop suppliers, such as Rock or AJP could offer info?

  Stuartli 13:42 20 Aug 2004

You could have a look at click here which supplies new and used laptops, spares for leading makes, accessories etc as well as undertaking repairs.

  gobi 14:14 20 Aug 2004

Thanks Stuartli. Have already been to the site. It seems that they mainly deal with the big brand laptop and the optical drive that listed are external. But then, I have emailed them and hopefully it will be positive.

  gobi 14:17 20 Aug 2004

My laptop system is Win XP Pro, Pentium Mobile 4 1.6GHz, and ECS G550 motherboard.

  Stuartli 14:49 20 Aug 2004

I bought goods on behalf of my son from this company:

click here

recently. Service was excellent and it deals with various types of optical drives.

  gobi 00:57 22 Aug 2004

Thanks for the link Stuartli. Checked it just now and the slim drive range looks interesting. Only thing is that the website could not confirm that the range will fit a laptop. In addition, the price quoted seems to be almost the same with an external drive. I think at this point I might go down the external route - more cost effective I guess.

Thanks all for the time and response

Stuartli's link is excellent. Those internal drives should be compatible, as they are of the same form factor (size), presuming of course that they take the same power connector and work off the same voltage, as I imagine they would do.

The Panasonic drive (CW8123B) looks good for £50, which is considerably cheaper than the external model I listed whose only real advantage is that it can be swapped out with other laptops/mobile devices, used with a new laptop or subnotebook type with no internal optical drive (like mine).

Great find Stuartli, I've bookmarked it for later...

  Stuartli 09:12 22 Aug 2004

Here's some more sources:

click here

click here

click here

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