laptop choice - which brand ?

  eurosteve 09:49 17 Nov 2009


i am in the market for a laptop to replace my old pc .

will be using it for a property related business so want a large hd for storage of thousands of photos/pdfs /etc as well as managing website admin ,content etc

needs to be fast and light.

there are lots of options - dell/ acer / hp / toshiba etc

as i have had the last machine for 9 years i expect to have the next for a long time so would like to be careful in choosing.

very interested in thoughts re build quality ,reliability etc as well as what you get for your money.
speaking of which my budget is £500 -£700


  jack 10:04 17 Nov 2009

That with possible exceptions of 'Toshiba'
All other choices were limited to machine specs and brand label- as they were all made by the same half dozen assemblers in Taiwan- from common components.
Still true today? -
Possibly, with the addition of mainland China coming into the equation=more assemblers of common components.

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