Laptop buying advice needed please :)

  Venkman83 20:13 09 Feb 2017

Hi folks, I'm looking to buy a new laptop for everyday tasks but I would also like to dabble in learning how to code and also use programs like illustrator and maybe use a graphics tablet to produce drawings as well. I'm abit unsure about what kind of spec I will need and I am restricted by a budget of around £500. I have seen a HP 250 with a i5, 8g ram, 256 SSD spec with Intel HD graphics, would this be a good enough machine? Would dedicated graphics be better and is the SSD that much better than a regular hdd? Any advice or laptop reccomendations will be greatly appreciated :)

Thanks in advance

  [DELETED] 22:18 11 Feb 2017

To produce drawings etc. a laptop with a dedicated GPU is the way forward. Latest i5 CPU minimum. £500 budget laptop is lower end spec for what you want. Just my humble opinion.

  solomen 05:18 11 Apr 2017

The Toshiba Chromebook 2 Its IPS Full HD display is excellent, its battery easily holds a charge for 6 to 8 hours, its light – 1.3 kg – weight makes it very easy to transport, and it is powerful enough to take notes in class and surf the web without any difficulty. The display on the Toshiba Chromebook 2 measures 13.3 inches, which makes it highly mobile while remaining large enough to be comfortable for working at. It offers very decent sound and its refined design makes it stylish. Here is its description

Whether it is for working, watching videos, or simply surfing the internet, the Toshiba Chromebook 2 display is great under all circumstances. Its IPS technology offers enormously wide viewing angles as well as very rich colors, and its Full HD provides a highly detailed image.

  Archonar 08:54 11 Apr 2017

A chromebook doesn't have the power (especially graphically) for what you want to do so I would recommend against one.

As rdave said I would recommend a dedicated gpu with vram, doesn't need to be the latest model though. SSD will boot your laptop in a few seconds and load applications slightly faster but it costs more for the space so you will need to decide which of those 2 are more important for you.

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