Laptop buying advice

  Mrgin 20:30 04 Oct 2008

I have spent the day trawling the net and shops and have got nowhere so it's over to you guys...
I want a laptop with a 17 inch screen that I can play games on. I'm not playing high end stuff but things like WoW. It will also be used for a bit of MS Office work and wireless net surfing.
I would also like to be able to get hold of it asap and not wait weeks for delivery.
I have a budget of £800-£1,000 and have been looking at the Samsung R710, the Dell XPS M1710, and the HP DV7 1004ea but couldn't find reviews or any in the shops.
After spending some time in PC World I managed to leave without killing the assistant, which was not looking likely at one point after she told me that you couldn't play games on a laptop.
Any advice gratefully received....and thanks in advance.

  Diemmess 09:54 05 Oct 2008

If you really want it very soon, try =
click here
They have outlets in Fareham, Reading and Portishead (Bristol)where you can pick up, or next day delivery at a reasonable price.

A good firm to deal with, but the ultimate choice has to be made by you.

  Mrgin 10:03 05 Oct 2008

Thanks for the link.
I don't necessarily need it within the next hour but meant that I didn't want to have to wait for weeks. One of the ones I looked at on the Dell site said there was a long wait for it.
What sort of processor and graphics card should I be looking at to play think like WoW on? I may play some other games but nothing really demanding.
RAM and HDD and optical drive I get, I just don't underestand mobile graphics cards and processors!

  Mrgin 15:15 05 Oct 2008

No ideas or suggestions?

  Diemmess 16:10 05 Oct 2008

Sorry, I've scant interest or knowledge of games, and no one else has yet jumped in with advice.

Perhaps you will do better by posting a new thread in the "Games" room.
If you do, please tick this one as resolved

  Mrgin 16:44 05 Oct 2008

No problem.


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