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  DrScott 13:06 03 Apr 2006

I'm sorry for yet another please help with some advice on buying a laptop! I'm pretty focussed on what I want though:

Essentially it's a laptop for video editing, as well as usual stuff like surfing etc. Games are not in anyway important for this machine.

Weight needs to be around 2.5kg or less, with a battery life ideally around 3 - 5hours. HDD 80GB min, and ideally 1GB RAM. Screen size 14". Needs a built in DVD RW. As for budget, well there isn't really one, but ideally around the £1000 mark.

Now I've had a look at a few centrinos which look rather nice: click here and click here

...and also the Apple's which look lovely! click here and click here

But i've also noticed an Acer Centrino (Core) Duo which looks tempting too: Aspire 5562 click here

Now with the Duo there's no info on battery life, but I guess it'll be less than the others (except maybe the super expensive Apple). I'd be very grateful for any opinions on this, and any other reccomendations. With so many laptops available, it's all rather a minefield!! Thanks!!!

  bfoc 17:25 03 Apr 2006

Whether I can be of much help as I haven't done video editing on a laptop, but I think you would be lucky to manage a 3-5 hr battery life in a Windows laptop whilst doing power intensive operations such as video editing.

I have a Dell Centrino based laptop and it has the best battery life of any laptop I have come across and it will stretch, in basic Wordpro and Internet, to 3.5hrs. It takes a second battery (in place of the DVD drive) and this way I can manage to stretch it to 5 hrs or, as I have two spare batteries, 6.5hrs by using one after the other.

It may be that my family, friends and work colleagues have particularly power hungry laptops, but if long battery life is really important to you I suggest you check as carefully as you can that the battery life 'quoted' is what you would actually get.

  ade.h 18:12 03 Apr 2006

Hi Doc,

Another laptop question; got a case of Deja Vu here! LOL.

If Sony really has sorted its battery life (my other half's FS315 only lasts about 1.5 hrs, though it doesn't bother her she says) then the one on the JL site would be a very nice choice. But I'd be asking some hard questions first.

For my HP, a session of web design/image editing/listening to music while I work lasts for about 3 to 3.5 hrs. I tend to push it pretty heavily with loads of quite resource-heavy apps running, and I could always do with another hour to be honest!

About the only lightweight HP is the one that you've picked. Mine's over 2.5kg, but it doesn't bother me much as it's always a bit of a trade off.

I suggested a lightwieght Fujitsu to my neighbour a while ago. He's very happy with it (travels a lot) but I can't remember the model number. It was about £900 ish. It was pre-Core Duo though, which I would opt for over all else if I were you. They are incredible performers.

  DrScott 13:00 05 Apr 2006

Well I quite like the idea of a dual core, but unfortunately cannot find any direct reviews of it... anyway, we'll see...

shopping time now!

  ade.h 13:12 05 Apr 2006

PC Pro has reviewed a lot of Core Duo laptops recently; they're all on the site. click here

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