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  Belfix 10:10 28 Feb 2010

Vaio laptop battery only now lasts about 5-10 mins on full charge. 2.5 yrs old so trawled the net and on the 13th Feb. ordered a 6600mAh battery from
They wished to be paid via PayPal and were paid from my account on that day. After many emails they said that they had dispatched it on the 17th and would update their "tracking" site. To date (28th) it hasn't and my battery still has not arrived!!. Before I take action via PayPal, has any one else had problems with this site/company? I am also sure at the time of ordering the wbsite had a contact number - it doesn't now.

  curofone 22:22 28 Feb 2010

Seems like it could be a bit of dodgy company to me, I always thought that any UK company had to put it address and contact number on the website, looking at this website there is no contact details at all apart from an email address and a web form.

I can not think of any reputable companies that only have paypal as option for payment.

and a quick whois search reveals that it is not a UK company at all despite the domain, in fact the company is based in Hong Kong:

28th Floor, IFC Phase II%%Electronics Home
Hong Kong
Hong Kong

if the company is genuine that i would expect delivery to take a while considering where it is coming from but personally i doubt it is genuine

  curofone 22:31 28 Feb 2010

oh having just looked at the whois profile a bit more the website domain was only registered on 17 Jan this year, all seems very dodgy to me

I agree with curofone. This does not smell right at all. I'm not sure what kind of protection paypal offer if somthing you pay for doesn't turn up for whatever the reason may be.

How much was the battery? If paypal won't help and it wasn't expensive you may just have to consider writing off the cost as a learning expense and shop somewhere reputable

  Belfix 10:24 08 Mar 2010

Curofone & blisssquirrel
Thanks for you replies - I have logged the concern with PayPal.Incidentaly..they also stated that the price included vat!!
I have also found another site whith much the same mo, NOTEBOOK-BATTERIES.CO.UK.
Is this just the tip of the iceberg, as I am sure if I look further ther'll be many others??

  Belfix 10:42 08 Mar 2010

These look similar..anyone had business with these?

  Belfix 07:19 10 Mar 2010

Thanks again for the replies..but guess what yesterday I actually received the goods.,,have fully charged the battery and it lasts a good 3hrs of heavy use and appears to be of good manufacture. I still wouldn't have used an "off-shore" company though 'cos what about my warranty and what if I have to return it. Anyone know why quote "For all UK orders, VAT is included within product price" unquote ?.

  Noels 09:12 13 Mar 2010

Having read the posts earlier this week I got more than a bit worried. I had just on Friday the 5th March ordered a replacement battery for my Sony Vaio. Then I read your posts and thought "What have I done" the following day I received via email an invoice and tracking number for the Hong Kong post office. Today Saturday 13th my postman delivered by Recorded delivery my new battery.The cost was about £32 as against £60+ fom other sources.
So I for one am very happy with Battery Man

  Belfix 11:01 13 Mar 2010

Thanks guys. I've vented my frustration. Further news if it packs in?

  Subdivisions 12:57 08 Jun 2010

Dear Belfix,
I appened upon this forum by accident, & reading your summary of the events in regard to your Vaio machine, it gave me pause for thought. Justover two weeks ago,my partner & I were staying out my step-daughter's house. I was using my step-daughter's netbook - searching for a replacement battery for my old laptop - browsed 'Battery-man' & found the required battery. I can confirm that there was indeed a contact number on the website, which, as you so state no longer exists. At the time of browsing, I did try to call the number - without any response. I have since mislaid the contact number, so today I e-mailed them - in hope of absolute confirmation that the battery I sought, was precisely what I required. 'Battery-man' do advise that their (off-line) reply servicemay take up to twelve hours to respond; I await the same, but I do feel that the retraction of their contact (telephone) number rather odd. I do not believe in coincidences. It is my understanding that your particular issue has been resolved; I would be interested in exactly that has come about, but appreciate that for (potential) reasons of libel, you may not be able to answer. I trust that your dealings with this website have delivered (literally) a positive result,



  chopsonline 22:52 04 Oct 2010

Just wanted to post more information about the company, as I have recently purchased their products. Wanted to make sure other people who fell for their site, to know and avoid them!

Their products did arrive, a bit late, due to the fact that they are based in Hong Kong. Realised my Paypal account paying someone overseas, and figured that I possibly could be dodgy. Only 1 of the 2 batteries worked. Been emailing them 3 times already and yet no reply.

The '3 year warranty' is probably not going to happen as the cost of sending it back to Hong Kong and back would exceed the price of the battery to begin with. I hope no one else falls for this as well.

Just wanted to say my piece as I found this thread extremely useful when I searched more info about this site.

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