Laptop battery - can I do anything?

  kjrider 18:36 30 Jun 2007

I bought a replacement battery for my old IBM 600E laptop, as the battery life was down to 30 mins.

The new battery (from Justdeals on Ebay) had 30 days warranty, and plugged in, charged up worked fine, with the indicator on the desktop indicating it woul have about 2.5 hrs battery life. It had light use around the house, then last weekend I took it to a family gathering to show some wedding photos.

After about 2 hours, the battery low indicator came on, so I went and plugged it in. It would not charge up and has stayed dead.

As it is about 60 days, it is out of warranty, BUT it is the only time that I have used it until it needed recharging.

Can I do anything to the battery, or claim from Justdeals. I have emailed them, but no reply.

  spuds 19:08 30 Jun 2007

It appears that the battery was a refurbished unit, hence the 30 day warranty.

I know nothing about Justdeals, but if their feedback and eBay title appears to suggest that they are bona-fide traders, then have a word with Consumer Direct

If you get no reply to your email or they have not provided an address or telephone contact, then reserve your option for placing a dispute via eBay procedures.

But at the end of the day, depending on how much you paid, you may have limited options, and buyer beware could be the last resort.

  spuds 19:09 30 Jun 2007

Whoops-- Consumer Direct click here

  Arnie 09:58 01 Jul 2007

"I bought a replacement battery for my old IBM 600E laptop, as the battery life was down to 30 mins."

Have you kept the old battery to see if it sill charges up?
It is unlikely, but not impossible, for the charger to have become faulty.

Can you check the terminal voltage of the battery, or get someone to do this for you? It may be internally shorted.
A well-designed charger would then default to current limit mode and not charge the battery.

Also, a 30-day guarantee for a battery does not give me much faith in the retailer.
You must have paid a very low price for the product.

  Wilham 14:46 01 Jul 2007

kjrider: Is it item 220126080275 ?

(An Ebay address changes too quickly with usual link. Putting the item no. in ebay search extends recall period.)

As Arnie makes it clear, your acceptance of 30 day warranty is not good. Their 53 negative feedbacks last month also look ominous.

Better points are that your item is said to be Brand New OEM (and not reconditioned), it is Lithium ion (better than NiCad and NiMH, and it gave you 2hrs before low batt indication.

If Arnie's excellent advice is unfruitful and you finally abandon hope with Justdeals, here is a possible last-ditch resort...

You need to beg/borrow a stabilised voltage supply with current limiter. It will likely show volt meter at fron top LHS and current limiting on RHS. Connect battery via pin clips, probes or similar. Set volt and current to zero. Switch on the mains, ... raise volts to 6.0, then raise current limit dial to half amp. Slowly raise the applied volts up to 30 volts or whatever. The limiter prevents damage, but you must quickly reduce volts as soon as current breaks through. Keep limit below one amp to prevent heat damage.

If you are lucky a series of gentle charge/discharge cycles will raise the battery capacity.

Good luck kjrider. W

  kjrider 19:47 01 Jul 2007

The old battery will still charge up and work - until it expires after aabout 30 mins.

  Arnie 23:24 01 Jul 2007

That implies your charger is working ok.
So the battery is definitely faulty.

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