laptop bags /cases

  foreignmuck 14:55 04 Mar 2006

i am looking for a rugged case/bag for my laptop.

I don't want one that looks too business like and obviously like a laptop bag, but something well padded that will protect my laptop whilst travelling.

anyone have any recommendations?
I wanna spend up to about £60 if poss.


  pj123 16:35 04 Mar 2006

Not sure there is such a thing as you are asking.

The obvious solution is a quality carrier bag with some foam in it.

Can see where you are coming from. The reason why company staff get mugged on the way to the bank is because of the way they are carrying the money. If they just used a Sainsbury's carrier bag no one would know.

I have an old laptop bag you can have but it does shout "Laptop" and also has the word Laptop written on it. It's only 12" x 12" x 3" so may not be any good for today's laptops.

If you want it email me your address and you can have it for just the postage.

  ade.h 16:35 04 Mar 2006

I struggled to find anything ideally suited for you in a brief search, but you could always show your allegiance with this click here

  lozparry 17:16 04 Mar 2006

I have been for a nose round PC World today and noticed quite a few rucksacks for laptops at about £40 to £60. Look nice but seem expensive!

  Dellman 18:00 04 Mar 2006

Just bought a laptop from Dell and managed to get an exceutive leather case off them for free!! (worth £61) well as other things/upgrades....the online package was £ it all for £710!!

  MidgetMan 18:02 04 Mar 2006

Just use a brief case?

  foreignmuck 20:18 04 Mar 2006

just got one in selfreges

perfect for my needs, and a reasonable £45

looks like a standard messenger bag but has air padding to protect the laptop..

click here

  josie mayhem 22:25 05 Mar 2006

I brought mt laptop bag from pcworld, cost if I remember rightly about £50ish, looks like a rucksack, very well padded with specialist foam, and plenty of space for all other bits and pieces, the bit I like about it; is that it has shock adsorbing shoulder straps, and you do notice the difference (my lappy is heavy, especially when I have all my cables and external drives etc) I've even dropped it a couple of times now with out any harm apart from a sore foot.

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