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Is this laptop any good? Advice needed pls

  Bailey08787 15:56 22 Aug 2010


Looking to buy a cheapish laptop for a 13 year old boy who'd like to play games on it.

Could I get advice on whether people think this one would be up to the job?

click here

(or any other suggestions very welcome)


  rickf 20:03 22 Aug 2010

The graphics card is not up to much.I re3ckon if he wants to play games with it a cheaper laptop would be the Acer 5920G with it,s own dedicated nVidia graphics. I can play Left for Dead 2 quite happily with it. It's a new game so the lappy is pretty decent in my experience. The G in the model is important.

  Bailey08787 22:12 22 Aug 2010

thanks for the feedback

I think I've whittled it down to either the Acer 5741 or the Samsung R530.

Would either of them be good enough for gaming?


  rickf 08:26 23 Aug 2010

you need one with dedicated graphics

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