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  moffit777 11:17 22 May 2006

Good Morning,

I'm after some advice, aren't we all!

I'm after a laptop for home use not needed for gaming can strech to £1000 for right one as long as it can run spreadsheets and is quick on Net and uses Wi-fi I think it is (wire free can pick up and use anywhere in house), you'll have to bear with me not the most literate PC user, I'll be happy, I really do want to get the most Bang for my bucks so to speak.

Any suggestions or users out there happy with theres can give me some advise would be great.

Thanking you

  leither 11:32 22 May 2006

Just purchased an Acer Aspire 3004 at Comet website for £499 plus delivery. 100GB - 15.4" screen - 1GB DDR - WI-FIDUAL LAYER DVD and +/- compatible. This is my third laptop and I've had it a fortnight and its the best machine I've ever had. Well worth the money. Delivered within 2 working days.

  Taff™ 13:39 22 May 2006

You perhaps need to think what else you might want to do with the laptop because £499 will cover your needs as stated. If you want to watch DVD`s make sure the processor is adequate and check on the battery life. Will you have the laptop plugged in most of the time for example? Otherwise You`ll probably find that a good combination of battery life and processor will add another £100 or so.

To connect to broadband with wifi you`ll need a wireless router modem so set aside about £100 for that if you don`t have one already.

Might you want to play games or use the laptop with a camcorder? Would you like to explore digital photography and work with your photographs? If you might listen to your music collection you`ll need a good set of speakers in the laptop unless you buy a good set of external one`s. (Internal laptop speakers at the lower end of the price range are generally very poor sound quality)

If you`re dead set in blowing the full £1000 say so and I`m sure you`ll get some excellent recommendations!

  moffit777 14:40 22 May 2006

Well its a start I'd certainly be watching DVD's on there I was looking at the Dell 6400 which you can customise and add things such as wireless router looks a good price, plus I get discount.
Like i say anyone whos got a laptop Dell or otherwise who can recommend I'd be glad to here from you and how you find them.

  Babou 23:39 25 May 2006

I love my Sony Vaio beyond reason - it's gorgeous. The X-Black screen is beautiful for DVDs etc & it has built-in wi-fi. Battery life is a bit rubbish (couple of hours at best) so you have to cart the cord around. I've only needed support once & it was good (quick phone call, simple suggestion that worked).

  Daibus 00:49 26 May 2006

Just trying out an Asus A6KM laptop which for 750 pounds I think is very good value.

It has an AMD 64 MT32 processor, 100 GB HD, 1024 Mb of memory, a 1.3 megapixel camera, Dual DVD R/RW, Bluetooth, an excellent 15.4 TFT screen, 2 year guarantee, a card slot reader etc.and the build and design I think is also good. The battery life however is only something over the two hour mark.

There is a big choice out there but I find that you learn a quite lot while looking into the different specifications of the various machines.

  LEH 17:38 26 May 2006

Yes you probably really don't need to spend £1000 for the use you describe. The biggest thing that makes the difference on speed on the internet in my opinion is the fact you have broadband and the package you get (2mb being quicker than 512k speed).

Generally for speed look also for the best processor/cache size, RAM, and hard drive size you can get. If you don't need stuff like a TV tuner then lose stuff like that in favour of more RAM and a good processor - hard drive space is probably the easiest thing to add later with an external drive. If you want to do stuff like photo-editing a 1 gig RAM or more is really useful and speeds things up a lot, but puts your budget up to at least £6-700 for the laptop I reckon. I didn't undestand any of this jargon 6 months ago but went through the process of buying one for a semi-pro graphics use and learnt a lot. The "How stuff works" website was an absolutely superb aid in debaffling all the baffling stuff.

Make sure the laptop is a centrino if you want to go wireless, I think most are (this means it has a wireless ability built in nd these work better than most wireless adapters in my experience).

I recommend PC world as a good combination of locality/good price. Keep an eye out in the papers and online for good deals that spring up. You can even ask in store which make of laptops are reliable and they staff often know which ones get returned a lot due to faults (not always the cheapest ones either). I know Dell are very cheap if you don't buy the best warranty but you really do need it in case things go wrong. The same goes for PC World though really. They probably are still a reasonable option but it seems sometimes you get a good one, sometimes a bad one.

Good luck anyway

  LEH 17:58 26 May 2006

oh, reading leither again I see 1 gig RAM is available now for £500 and a huge hard drive so seems good. Not sure what speed processor is on that though. I think 1.7GHz or more is where you want to be. The more spec you get now the longer your laptop will stay up-to-date and able to run the latest software.

On the other hand if you spent £500 quid now and put £500 quid away you could probably get a much better one in a couple of years for £500 again.

Having said that my friend who works as an IBM Architect (programmer) says that computers aren't progressing in the leaps and bounds they were a few years back as perhap the technology gets closer to its limits. So maybe best to spend a bit more now and enjoy that higher performance. I know he bought a Dell actually for his home use, but then I know other people who hate Dell computers with a passion so it's a gamble. With your discount it could be a good option with the at home service warranty, and a spare hard drive to back up your data if it is important.

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