Laptop Advice - Desktop Replacement.

  SeanUK 14:57 04 Sep 2009

Hey Guys,

I'm off to Uni in a few weeks and I figure I'll need a nice new laptop to tick me over for the next three years.

I've been looking around already, and I'm trying to weigh up the pro's and con's of Ultraportable vs Ultrapowerful.

I expect to pay a premium on a laptop, 'gaming' rig and I'm not under any illusions that a powerful laptop will come cheap.

Here's my problem though. I've been using a Cougar Desktop System for the last year. It's a pretty decent spec, with 8880gs graphics, 2gb ram, and an AMD Athlon 6400 processor.

I don't want to drop £500-800 on a laptop and feel like I am losing out on performance.

I'm prepared to spend up to £800 on a laptop, as long as I am actually getting decent value for money. Are there laptops out there, that will offer decent gaming performance at that price?

I'd be looking to play games like CoD4,Mass Effect, Dragon Age:Origins, etc. Medium settings would be fine, but high is preferred.

I am hoping to 'future-proof' my laptop, as I won't be replacing it for three years at least, and I won't be taking my desktop with me.

I am finding it hard to justify spending an extra £300-400 on a 'premium' laptop instead of just going with an ultra-portable.

At the moment the Dell Range of laptops seem to be the most attractive, but I don't hold the company in high regard. I've heard some terrible stories about customer service, etc.

Any advice? Places to look? Things to consider?

Thanks in advance

- Sean

  GaT7 19:53 05 Sep 2009

Another one to consider perhaps with a 9600M GT for £550 click here.

Found in this recent thread click here. G

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