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  loopyloo 13:41 17 Apr 2006

I am looking to purchase a wireless laptop computer. I have upto £700 to spend. Any recommendations anyone.

  Jimmy14 14:37 17 Apr 2006

What will you be doing on it like Home office,Home Imaging, Video Editing or Gaming?

It depends on what you will use it for then I will recommend a suitable laptop and by the way all laptops in the current shops have standard wireless built in.


  ade.h 15:22 17 Apr 2006

"....and by the way, all laptops in the current shops have standard wireless built in."

No, they don't unfortunately. Quite a few ultra-budget models don't have it. Oh that they would, because it makes networking easier.

  Jimmy14 15:31 17 Apr 2006

I didn't mean it that way so let me rephrase it.

Entry level laptops from high street LANDMARKS such as COMET,CURRYS,PC WORLD,DIXONS do have built in wireless as standard.

I have checked it and their cheapest starting at £379.99 has wirless built in.

I dont mean from shops that build laptops or sell parts but as looplyloo was looking for a laptop around £700 with wireless I informed he/she that all laptops do have wireless in the current shops (HIGH STREET LANDMARK BRANDS)

I hope this clarifies me pointing out and rephrasing what I meant in great detail

  ade.h 15:42 17 Apr 2006

click here Take this one for example. It has an Ethernet network adpater but no wireless adapter.

  Jimmy14 16:05 17 Apr 2006

I am not commenting on other ONLINE COMPANIES because when I clarified myself and re-phrased what I said, I stated that only HIGH STREET LANDMARKS have their cheapest Acer Notebook with wireless built in at £379.99

And to point out that the link for the Acer laptop you gave me is £364 inc vat were as you could pay £379.99 for relatively the same spec with wireless and before you correct me on that I said "RELATIVELY THE SAME SPEC" NOT THE SAME AS I AM AWARE.

I simply advised the user after you corrected me that high street landmarks laptops have wireless built in even at their cheapest and was not taking into account online shops such as E-Buyer/ which I still am not and anyway the user was looking for one at £700 so for that price it would definitely have wireless built in

  ade.h 17:28 17 Apr 2006

Calm down Jimmy. Have a rest.

Just because I was unable to deduce from the phrase "the current shops" that you only meant high street retailers (which are hardly the first place that I think of when discussing PCs) does not mean that I was trying to correct you or criticise you, which you seem to have inferred judging by your aggressive tone.

  Jimmy14 17:32 17 Apr 2006

I am sorry if I was aggressive towards you as it is not the impression I like to put across to people.

Do accept my apologies and next time I will try and be more clear.


  ade.h 17:36 17 Apr 2006

That's okay.

Meanwhile, I'm looking at a few reviews of £700 notebooks, so I'll be back if I find anything worth recommending.

But as Jimmy said at the start, we need to know details about your intended usage.

  The Moog 11:12 18 Apr 2006

I bought the Hewlett Packard DV5046ea from Staples last week (the one given blanket advertising on the TV recently) and it really is very good indeed - in my opinion at least.

1.79Ghz Turion 64
512Mb RAM (a slight weak point - 1Gb would be nice)
128 Mb ATI dedicated Graphics
15.4" Widescreen
6 in 1 Card reader

£699... not a bad deal (I had a £100 voucher against that too)

I can't see it on their website though - if they have any left it maybe a store only deal.

  loopyloo 15:01 18 Apr 2006

I can spend upto £700 but cheaper would be better. I just use it for home (word processing, internet etc) because I have a desktop computer of the other things.

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