Laptop for £500

  zincy 13:17 21 Jun 2006

Hi there

I never had a laptop before and i am buying one for a friend. I was looking for something along the line of this click here
or this one
click here

The laptop will be used for photoshop work and normal internet surfing. The amount of space for hard drive doesnt really matter as they got an external hardrive
any advice is welcomed!

  Crash 15:00 21 Jun 2006

Out of the two I would go for the Compaq one. Have a look here click here and here click here this one is £519.99

  zincy 15:12 21 Jun 2006

nice the toshiba one looks good
thanks i will ahve a look at it

  Diodorus Siculus 01:30 22 Jun 2006

NEC i-Select M5410 NN962000401 From Laptops Direct
click here

  Dipso 21:48 22 Jun 2006

...not currently available from Laptops Direct but click here have it cheaper anyway.

  Dipso 12:35 23 Jun 2006

Link updated click here

  zincy 18:30 23 Jun 2006

thanks for the advice guys
i think the toshiba might just edge it!

  Atasas 08:42 18 Aug 2006

Go for HP at comet - its only £449 amd and so on... realy best deal to date in a range at the moment

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