bounce44 11:49 08 Feb 2009

HP G60-214EM
* AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core Processor QL62
* (1.9 GHz, 1600Mhz, 1 MB Cache)
* Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium
* 3 GB Memory
* 250 GB Hard Drive
* Lightscribe DVD ReWriter Optical Drive
* 15.6" HD Widescreen Display
* Nvidia Geforce 8200 Graphics Card
* HDMI, Webcam, 5-in1 media card
* Wireless Enabled

Cost is £399. I only need laptop for watching movies, surfing the net etc....
No gaming or bulky software/programs running. I like this laptop alot, seems a decent spec for the price. And also looks great. Im 99% certain to get it, but would just like a final few positive thoughts on if im getting a bargain.

Ive searched high and low, and any laptop with these specs, at this price range, only comes with windows vista basic.

So any reason why i should not buy this?

I like this as has good graphics card for money.

  MAT ALAN 13:43 08 Feb 2009

So any reason why i should not buy this?

YES!! i am going to try and seriously talk you out of buying this, those specs are completely wrong for your requirements, the screen size will give you the squints, its the wrong colour, HP make crap Lappy's...

OR i bet its the first one you looked at shopped around a bit (scenario familiar) HMMM! If you like it and you have had a drive round it in the shop,


  bounce44 15:06 08 Feb 2009

Emmm So can you advise one that does suit me. I seriously thought, for my price range(no more than £400), that was good one.

  MAT ALAN 15:10 08 Feb 2009

Sorry bounce44, sometimes you can sorta talk yourself out of buying something that you really like.
I am sure this lappy will suite your needs perfectly especially in the pocket depatrtment...
the last four words might have been a clue to what i really think of this deal, heres another

I would buy it!!!

  bounce44 15:16 08 Feb 2009

Lol ok, thanks i will do.

I wanted a Acer if totally honest, but a acer for around £390, only comes with vista basic. And was a Dell for 3400, which has now disappeared, so im left with little choice. i currently use a HP, but runs very slow now and overheats. So wanted upgrade.

  MAT ALAN 15:45 08 Feb 2009

Good luck with your choice happy in the knowledge that if it catches fire i am sure there is a fireman among our forum members...

I am sure we will be able to help with the odd bit of software conflict too...

enjoy the rest of your day...

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