Kawlos 12:21 20 Jan 2009

I am interested in getting a laptop. I've never had one before and would like one which is suitable for basic video editing and possible to play fairly up to date pc games, although no need for top graphics.

Any information or advice would be great!

  GaT7 00:22 21 Jan 2009

Minimum graphics you'll need would be something like a 8600M GT/equivalent or better. So as a start, you need to be looking for one that has relatively OK to good graphics. The rest will be good enough. One can always upgrade RAM very cheaply these days, e.g. DDR2 sodimms @ Play click here (checking compatibilty at Crucial first click here).

List of laptop GPUs with benchmarks, etc click here.

Most laptops these days with good GPUs tend to have Blu-Ray drives & other stuff you may not need that only inflates the price. So I'd suggest also considering a refurbished/secondhand one with a good GPU. Possible places to look would be MCS click here, ACCW click here, ITC click here & NDC click here. G

  Kawlos 10:04 21 Jan 2009

Thanks x bow have you an experience of a used refubished laptop?

  GaT7 20:46 21 Jan 2009

Kawlos, none whatsoever. Get one with a reasonably good warranty if you're concerned. G

  GaT7 20:50 21 Jan 2009

From one of the refurbished laptop sites:

"Cosmetics - C Grade -This laptop is in fantastic condition apart from the palmrest & a small black mark on the top of the screen. The former owner decide[d] to carve artwork onto the plastics. This may not bother some people. Please email for photos of the artist handy work before purchase."

A reseller with a sense of humour :-), G

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