mobad 12:08 11 Jul 2004

I am looking to spend up to £900

My spec must have
Battery Life 3.5 hours+
Processor - 2.5ghz+
Memory - 512mb
Storage - 40gigz+
dvd/cdrw combo
Nvidia Graphics card or somthing as good for gaming
2 usb ports
Wireless NIX to network with my main PC
No OS or Mouse required.

I want a nice looking, preferably silver laptop.
If any 1 could please help me finding this spec, I would much appreciate it.

  TomJerry 12:56 11 Jul 2004

Your requirements are in clash. If you want to Battery Life 3.5 hours+, you need to get get Intel Centrino (or Pentium M) processor, the highest frequency now is 1.8GHz. However, in my view, a Intel Centrino 1.8GHz easily beat a Intel Celron 2.5GHz (which you want).

If you want to have a game machine with good graphics and sliver case, you may need to increase your speed to £1100.

If you can increase your spending limit, most model from SystemX Tourbook range will meet requirement except 2.5GHz (which I think is wrongly specified). For example Systemax TourBook® 5117, click here+(1.7AGHZ)+1GB+60GB+HDD+DVD%2fRW+56K+ENET+WIRELESS+WXH+15+SXGA%2b+TFT+NOTEBOOK/index.htm. You can check other models as well. By the way, Systemx Tourbook range is highly regarded in many computer magzines.

For sliver case and good graphics, you can check HI-GRADE Notino C7000 range click here.

Good graphics is difficult to find in laptop. If you relax your requirement of case, you can have more selections. For example, Tiny click here and AJP click here

  [email protected] 12:57 11 Jul 2004

have a look at these: click here click here click here

Bear in mind that a Pentium M does more work per Hz than a Pentium 4 so a low GHz Pentium M will be very powerful still


  TomJerry 13:00 11 Jul 2004

click here

My point again, 3.5hour and 2.5GHz does not come together

  mobad 13:29 11 Jul 2004

Hows this -

Processor -
Intel Pentium M - 1.7Ghz

Memory -
1GB (2 x 512mb Drr Dimms)

Hard Drive Storage -

CDR/DVD Combo Drive

14.1" tft screen

intel wireless lan card

Graphics - Intel Extreme Graphics
Up to 64MB (shared) video memory

Sound -
AC-97 V2.1 Compliant Audio Controller
3D Sound, SoundBlaster Pro compatible
Built-in Stereo Speakers

Communication -
Integrated 10/100 Ethernet/LAN
Integrated 56K V.90 Modem

Input Devices -
UK Keyboard with function keys
Integrated TouchPad with scroll/page up and down buttons

I/0 Ports -
1 x IEEE Firewire 1394 Port
1 x Parallel Port
1 x External CRT 15 pin
1 x Headphone and 1 x Microphone Jacks
1 x RJ45 LAN and 1 x RJ11 Modem connectors
3 x USB2.0 Ports, transfer speed up to 480MHz
1 x Type II PCMCIA PC Card Slot
1 x Infrared Port (IR)
1 x Kensington Lock Socket
S-Video TV-Out Port
Front pannel CD-Player controls

Dimensions -
Width from 318 mm
Heigh from 25-30 mm
Depth from 277 mm
Weight from 2.5 Kg

Battery -
Rechargeable 8-cell Li-ION battery pack
Up to 5 hours approximate operating time per battery (depends on usage)

Card Reader -
Built-in 4 in 1 (MS/SM/SD/MMC) memory card reader

All for £964.68 Included Vat & Delivery and 1st year RTB parts and labour and 2 years RTB labour only

  TomJerry 13:40 11 Jul 2004

there is nothing Extrem for Intel Extreme Graphics in terms of game.

  mobad 13:50 11 Jul 2004

Ok if I was to change the graphics card by configuring online to one thats good enough for gaming. Would this be a decent price?

  mobad 20:06 11 Jul 2004

Any 1 else think the price is = to its spec?
If not some 1 please point me in the right direction.

  TomJerry 23:31 11 Jul 2004

Remember, you cannot change laptop's graphics.

For that price, HDD and Screen are not big enough and you could get a DVD writer.

I still think the best choice for you is Systemax TourBook® 5117 1099 pounds click here.

You can find good reviews in a few computer magzines.

  mobad 23:55 11 Jul 2004

hmmm very very good spec there. Ive emailed them to config it (without OS and few software). Hopefully the price inc delivery and Vat will be less then £1000. Then within the next few days ill order :D

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