Lan Fonera router with PC Advisor sub - legal?

  setecio 09:45 21 May 2007

I noticed PC Advisor is offering a free La Fonera broadband router with PC Advisor subscriptions, and this seems to operate some kind of wifi sharing system allowing your neighbours to use your connection.

I have read plenty of topics which suggest that sharing your broadband connection is not legal unless you have permission from your ISP. Is the La Fonera router a special case, do they have agreements with all the ISPs, or what is the situation ?

  setecio 09:45 21 May 2007

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  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:28 21 May 2007

'With FON you'll share broadband safely, keep your own private connection' is a community based application and your own connection is secured.
It is not illegal to use wi-fi hotspots if you have paid for a 'key' or it is free. My local pub has a wi
-fi connection that anyone who brings their lappy or PDA can use.


  bjh 12:19 21 May 2007

Indeed, some ISPs specifically forbid connection sharing, which is why PC Advisor state (bottom of page):

Check your ISP's terms and conditions before installing your FON router, as some ISPs do not allow customers to share bandwidth with third parties. You are solely responsible for complying with your ISPĀ“s contractual obligations.

  mike99999 11:41 25 May 2007

What about security, wouldn't everyone else be able to access your laptop if there's no passwords? That's the main reason why you should have password on your connection!

  howard64 12:35 08 Nov 2007

I just received it and I do not consider it to be a router. If you are not interested in joining the fon network it is a complete waste of time. My subscription to pca ran out and I signed up again. Had I known what this was I would have asked not to receive it. Why cant pca offer a lower subscribers price and forget these waste of time offers.

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