Labels. Which Sortware.

  It's Me 12:25 28 Aug 2004

I am sorry to mention this, but I am already getting requests(?) from she who must be obeyed about the dreaded season. I do the labels for the cards you see. However, before, I became uptodate with XP, I used a package of software called Labels unlimited, which in a weak moment I bought some years ago at PC World to use with ME. I admit I found it a bit of a pain to use and decided that to use a data base you needed a special type of brain which I, unfortunately didn't have. Nevertheless, the lady got her labels each year after a great deal of time spent and much sweat and tears. Of course, this software won't work on XP and the info that it filed is useless, so I must start again, however my question is, what is the best software to use?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:28 28 Aug 2004

If you have Word click here


  It's Me 12:51 28 Aug 2004

Thanks. However I don't have Word.
And now I see that by some means I've put this string on the wrong forum, so I'll close this off and start it again where I intended it to be in the Helproom forum.

  Hamish 15:19 28 Aug 2004

I have labels unlimited, a softkey product of 1994 vintage and it works and has worked with 1995, 2000pro. 1998 and XP Home versions of windows. It also works with XP Pro. A pain to set up but once setup it fine to use

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