LegoTestPilot 18:11 06 Dec 2007

A friend whilst out driving today had a nail go through her tyre. So she went to the nearest place to get a new one.
Kwik Fit not only wanted to get her to buy a new tyre, but also 3 for he other wheels, even though they all have 4mm of tread!

She even got told her space wheel spare was illegal and that she had to have a full tyre to comply with EC rules!

Why do these companies do this?
Surely it puts others off companies like this!

  Stuartli 18:17 06 Dec 2007

Report the matter to the Trading Standards.

It is not illegal to have a space wheel as the spare (although advisable to not exceed 50mph using one) - in fact the spare tyre doesn't even figure in the MOT test routine.

  thms 18:20 06 Dec 2007

Can't believe she didn't need new shock absorbers as well.

Used to be the norm at one time.

  LegoTestPilot 18:40 06 Dec 2007

Thats a good one, it made Em's laugh!
I think after the volley of abuse she gave them as she walked out in disgust she may not be welcome back for a while!!!

  SANTOS7 18:48 06 Dec 2007

n fact the spare tyre doesn't even figure in the MOT test routine.

Just to clarify, you do not need to carry a spare tyre to pass an MOT but if you do it has to be legal "tread wise" regular or space wheel makes no diference...

  SB23 19:33 06 Dec 2007

I've not used them for over 23 years.

My first car was how I found out about what they can and do tell you.
I will admit, I was a little naive, what with it being my very first car etc, but the cost of what they told me had to be done to my braking system was 3 times the value of the car( 1300cc Talbot Horizon), and this was after the garage that I purchased it from had put an Mot on it for me.
We did come to an arrangement, after the work had been done (without my consent), when I told them they could keep the car, the price fell dramatically.

Sorry Kwik-Fit, but you'll never get me again.


  laurie53 20:01 06 Dec 2007

Never use anybody else.. Great service. It's all down to the local branch (Dundee).

Even took my wife's mobility scooter there to get new batteries (manufacturer's wanted, £143 a pair, just ordinary 6 v low cap). They spent some time going through their stock and then modifying a couple so they'd fit

  oresome 20:41 06 Dec 2007

I'd be surprised if the scooter used ordinary batteries, if by that you mean a vehicle battery intended for starting the engine.

However, the proofs in the pudding and if the scooter still operates for the same duration between charges.............

  namtas 21:55 06 Dec 2007

"I'd be surprised if the scooter used ordinary batteries" They may have changed, they used to use leisure batteries which were more expensive - they were designed to provide optimum running power over a longer period - whereas a car battery is desinged to provide high output power and maximun torque for short bursts with good recovery. As required for turning the engine over.

  dunderheid 06:40 07 Dec 2007

I had my car battery tested in Halfords and it was pronounced AI.

I went into my local Kwik Fit to price their batteries and got them to test the battery just to see it their reputation had improved any from the last time I had been in eight years previously, as I normally wouldn't go near them.

It hasn't! They did a perfunctory test and told me I needed a new battery, which was totally untrue. I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. Apart from using dishonest tactics. They have bonus targets to reach/uphold!

  laurie53 07:37 07 Dec 2007

"However, the proofs in the pudding and if the scooter still operates for the same duration between charges............."

At less than £60 instead of £140+ We can put up with 18 miles range instead of 23.

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