Komplett praise

  AdeJ 18:40 04 Jan 2003
  AdeJ 18:40 04 Jan 2003

I've posted on here in the past venting about delivery time problems with Komplett, likewise I'm just as quick to praise.

Horror of horrors my PC completely died on me just before xmas and it turned out to be my DDR strip (bought from Komplett seven months earlier) had ceased to be. I requested and got an RMA, returned the strip for testing, and received an email a few minutes ago advising me that the replacement strip had been dispatched.

So well done Komplett for an efficient returns process.

(And my next post of course will be asking about setting up RAM drives to make use of the gigabyte of DDR I am about to have, having already replaced the duff strip...!)

Only problem with Komplett is that as I have given my cards a severe battering over christmas, they wont accept switch! Just when I need a new CD/RW as well......

  Joe McG 12:37 05 Jan 2003

Komplett have taken a fair hammering in this forum before. It seems like they are getting their act together now. I hope they can keep it up 'cause their prices are second to none for most of the hardware they sell.

  Patman 11:30 10 Jan 2003

We are trying to keep our customers happy, so if someone are not satisfied and we acknowledge that there is a problem we will of course fix it. It is in everyone's best interest to have a best possible supplier.

Komplett have taken responsibility and have changed internally and externally. We continue to look for new ways to improve, and we need the customers help to do that. Feedback is important. Both negative and positive.

If you would like to help us achieve something for ourselves, please feel free to vote for us at the votings out there. The links can be found through the news section of our frontpage and are direct links.

Thank you for helping us be even better.

Kind regards,

  nightporter 12:19 10 Jan 2003

I used Komplett just before christmas, and while I was tracking my pacel found it was coming from oslo, which surprised me. By the way, it was delivered only one day after a similar order, which came from Bolton. I'd give top marks to Komplett.

When I said "Only problem with Komplet..." I meant the ONLY problem with Komplett!

I have used the company many times and found the servce to be excellent, prices possibly the lowest (As confirmed by Barclaycard who stated they regularly price matched against them) and delivery excellent.

I will continue to use them even though I have now sourced the CD drive at a slightly greater cost that was mitigated by cheaper delivery options!

  Patman 10:35 14 Jan 2003

You mention that Barclaycard stated 'they regularly price matched against them) and delivery excellent.'

Was this an official statement (if so; do you have the link?) or was it something you received in personal correspondence with them?

Thanks for your help.

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