Kodak printer disappointment

  melles 19:44 25 May 2010

The current advertising campaign regarding the low cost of ink for the Kodak printers may encourage you to buy one. Don't! I was unable to obtain a decent colour print from one purchased recently, red was pink, orange was yellow, awful. The supplier took it back with no question and said that this was the make most regularly returned.

  HWJC 21:37 06 Jun 2010

Not surprised. Someone bought an ESP3 AIO at work while I was away for a week and a grottier printer I'd struggle to imagine. Colour printing all over the place, scanning colour copies aren't a lot better than I can draw with crayon (after 20 attempts over 3 months to install drivers correctly got it working) and scanning into the PC is indistinct. Ink cost is a saving grace, but woe betide you running out of colour ink - even if you force it to print everything b&w monochrome it refuses to do so until you've paid your 'license fee'.

I thought Lexmarks were bad, but Kodak is not the answer. I would be reluctant to recommend either make even if they were free.

The entire printer market is fraught with 'issues'. Has Which magazine investigated them recently?

  spuds 16:34 07 Jun 2010

I always thought Kodak printers were re-badged ;o)

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