Kodak DVDs £4.50 @ Tesco

  Covergirl 20:27 18 Nov 2009

Keep your eye out for Kodak DVD+R, DVD-R and CD-R 50 spindles at Tesco for £4.50 each.

Only one DVD-R left in my local store tonight but a few DVD+R and plenty CD-R so managed to get 2 packs DVDs will keep me going over the festive season for stuff I don't have time to watch.

  jack 08:32 19 Nov 2009

MY only comment- If I spot something to record- on PVR or onto DVD= because there is no time at broadcast- as sure sure as eggs is eggs I wont have time to watch a recording PVR or DVD in future.
There is always ssomething else to do or watch and ditto about eggs - it'll what ever it is - will get repeated.
So- save even more money dont record ,wait for the repeat ;-}

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