Kobo v's Kindle

  russmini 14:35 16 Nov 2011

Thinking of getting one or the other for my wife for Christmas. Obviously the Kindle's been around a long time and people seem to have nothing bad to say about them. Just went to look at a Kobo, but could only look at a box, great... Noticed the touch version is £110 and you can get it in white, so would be nicer for my wife.

Any help greatly appreciated.

  interzone55 16:58 16 Nov 2011

PC Pro magazine have a full report on ebook readers this month, Kindle comes out top again.

Before jumping for either reader you need to consider the price of books for the device.

For the Kindle you get books mainly from Amazon, and they're usually pretty cheap, the price of Kindle versions is listed on the main page for books. you can also buy books from other sources as long as they're drm-free epub or Mobi-pocket versions.

The WH Smith Kobo reader can use books from a number of stores, but not Amazon. I've not checked the prices for epub format books, but when I had a Sony reader for a while last year I found that the books were invariably more expensive from WH Smith & Waterstones than from Amazon.

We're at a position with ebooks very similar to that in the digital audio market 5 or so years ago, when iTunes only catered for Apple's own AAC format, so only iPod owners could use the biggest store - everyone else would just rip their own CDs or use illegal download sites...

  31mandt 16:39 24 Nov 2011

I've had a Kindle for almost a year and I LOVE it! It's used every day and I don't know how I managed without it. The books from Amazon are very cheap - depending on what you want. My vote is definitely Kindle.

  interzone55 17:02 24 Nov 2011

A tip for Kindle users.

If you "Like" the Amazon Kindle Facebook page you get a daily 99p book offer. Each day there's an new offer on the Kindle news feed, I've had a couple of interesting books that way that I wouldn't have entertained at the full price, and now I'm reading other books by the same author (which I suppose is the point)

  Woolwell 17:08 24 Nov 2011

The Telegraph did a review on the Kobo's today Kobo touch. It's easy enough to find the Kobo Vox review on their site.

  Aitchbee 20:34 24 Nov 2011

I like to read a book when I go to bed. I adjust the pillow for a good reading angle...depending on the size (of the book)...and the lighting is another factor to take into consideration. I like to physically turn around as well.Will a kindle be better than books for bedtime reading?

  31mandt 10:07 25 Nov 2011

Definitely. I use mine to read in bed and haven't encountered any problems. As far as lighting is concerned, if you have a bedside lamp or similar then you should be OK. I also use mine when lying out in the sun (on holiday mostly)and it's really easy to see.

  Forum Editor 14:41 26 Nov 2011

"if you have a bedside lamp or similar then you should be OK"

You can actually buy a leather cover with a built-in reading lightfor your Kindle. Not cheap, but very good, and you get the nice leather cover too.

  russmini 07:34 28 Nov 2011

Thank you all, so far.

little bit of this, little bit of that. Think i'll go have a 'play' with a Kobo and see what it's like.

Not really having seen either properly, does anyone know if they are the same size? Overall and Screen.

Thanks again, Russ.

  interzone55 14:03 28 Nov 2011


It would be tough to try to see them both side by side, as neither product is for sale at the same place, but from the specs the Kobo looks to be pretty much the same size as the new Kindle 4 that doesn't have a keypad.

The Kobo has a nicely textured back that may be a selling point or not depending on whether you want your ebook reader to look like a quilted smoking jacket.

Look at the prices of books before you make your decision - Kindle books from Amazon tend to be cheaper than ePub books from other sites, but WH Smith advertise that they have 2 million free books, I would imagine most of these are out of print classics, text books and sample chapters of new releases, but have a look at their site to see if there's anything that takes your fancy


  Woolwell 14:53 28 Nov 2011

I have a Sony E-Reader which has epub. W H Smith e-books are now through Kobo and they have closed their own ops (they display books but the purchase process links you to complete through Kobo). The free books are those in the public domain eg old classics which can be obtained from several sites.

It is worthwhile making sure that some of your favourite authors are available in epub or Kindle format. Some of mine are difficult to find in epub but are available in Kindle.

Personally if I was buying again I would buy a Kindle.

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